Old Window Crafts

I can never get enough of old window crafts! The chippy charm and decorative ideas are just too hard to resist. They are great for framing photos, artwork, or maps. However, there are also some fantastic DIY projects that you can do. Here is a collection of old window crafts that transform the windows into functional and decorative pieces of home decor.

How To Transform Old Windows

old window crafts

Although an old window looks great simply displayed, there are lots of ways to use one in home decorating. Display things like wreaths, holiday decor, clocks or photos. Whether it serves a functional purpose or as a base for creative decor, there are plenty of ideas to try.

Create A Mirrored Fireplace Screen

window fireplace screen

TUTORIAL: In My Own Style

An old window for a fireplace screen adds a touch of charm to your fireplace. If you can find the right size, just add supports, like these brackets, to set the window in place.

Build A Mini Greenhouse

mini greenhouse made from old windows

TUTORIAL: Design Dreams By Anne

If you are looking for a really fun project, build a mini greenhouse from old windows. This project is a bit advanced but with the design plans given it should go smoothly. It’s such a cute look and will really enhance your outdoor decorating. Plus, the ability to more easily grow your own plants is priceless.

Turn An Old Window Into A Mirror

old window turned into a mirror

TUTORIAL: A Fresh Squeezed Life

Turning an old window into a mirror makes a lot of sense to me. Since mirrors are a great decorative accessory, make them full of character with windows. Place these in areas like hallways or foyers where a little accent mirror comes in handy. Placing more than one window mirror, like this set, on a wall helps to fill a large wall space.

Make A Bathroom Cabinet

old window crafts

TUTORIAL: Liz Marie Blog

An old window makes a perfect door for a bathroom cabinet. Just build a box to fit around the window, add a couple of hinges and a knob! The visible storage is perfect for storing pretty supplies. Think of any cabinet that you might want to build. Whether you need a small or large cabinet, you can use the appropriate windows to act as doors. With all of the sizes of windows available, you can easily match them to your custom DIY cabinet.

Make A Chalkboard

window chalkboard

TUTORIAL: Refresh Living

Chalkboards are extremely popular in farmhouse or rustic decor. Make your own chalkboard by painting the glass of an old window. The chippy and chunky frames of a window makes it a perfect rustic accent.

Use A Window As A Headboard

arched window headboard

SOURCE: Homedit

Although you can hang any windows to use as a faux headboard, a set of arched windows has an especially chic look. Other ideas for creative headboards are to use doors or shutters.

Build A Window Room Divider

window room divider

TUTORIAL: Sweet Melanie

When you want a divider between rooms but don’t want to lose the open feeling, build a divider out of windows.

Make A See Through Coffee Table With Storage

window coffee table

TUTORIAL: Marty’s Musings

Build your own storage coffee table and use an old window as the lid. Old window crafts like this are easier than they look. It’s not too complicated to build a box that fits around you specific window. Then, just add legs and you have a charming new coffee table.

old window crafts

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