Paint Colors For Small Spaces

Small spaces may seem limiting in design choices but they really don’t have to be.  In fact, a small space can make a big bold statement when it is given a splash of warm or dramatic color.  Depending on how the color is used with the surrounding decor, it can have a big impact on the overall feel of the room too.

Small Spaces With Bold Statements

In our home, we have a very small powder room that I wanted to go dramatic with by painting the walls in Newburyport Blue by Benjamin Moore.  All of our trim and fixtures were bright white which helped to highlight the walls and brighten the room.

Bold Navy

paint colors for small spaces - navy blue paint in powder room by

For some reason, it always seems scarier putting a dark color on the wall.  However, I figured that I could always paint over it again if I didn’t like it!  I did have to push to the back of my mind the fact that it was a pain to paint in a bathroom, it takes more coats for a dark color, it takes more coats of new paint to hide dark color…..Anyway, sometimes you just have to take the plunge and enjoy the results!

Tip: It is a super good idea to paint a sample of your color on a large poster board first to make sure that you like the color in your room.  Sometimes the lighting can change the look or it can just be hard to tell from a little tiny paint swatch.

Here are some more ideas of paint colors for small spaces to give you a nice idea of the impact that the different colors give on a small room.

Warm and Dark

Grange Hall wall paint by Ralph Lauren

This warm paint color is Grange Hall by Ralph Lauren.  It makes for a cozy and inviting office space.  The white trim and light accessories keep the room from looking dreary.

Spicy Colors

paint colors for small spaces

I like how The House Designers use a combination of spicy colors by Sherwin Williams to create the feel of a larger room.

Spa Retreat

paint colors for small spaces

This small bedroom looks like a relaxing spa retreat in it’s soothing green theme.  There is nothing cramped or closed in with this look!

Bright White

paint colors for small spaces

Sometimes white walls do a fantastic job of highlighting the rest of the room.  I love how all of the wood accents in this room pop against the white walls – very shabby chic!

What would be your choice for painting a small space?  Do you like bold or dramatic or is soft and soothing more your style?



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  1. Projects involving small spaces are always been what I love when I started studying Interior design. Thank you for sharing some ideas and tips that help me a lot.

  2. The decent looking dining room above is really great. Thanks a lot for sharing these photos.

  3. Accent wall is also a good idea for small rooms to look bigger!

  4. I like white because it highlights good architecture.. You did a great job with your powder room, Newburyport Blue by Benjamin Moore works well with white fixtures!

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