Pebble Art DIY And Ideas

With a bag of pebbles and some branches, you can create some fun art pieces to hang on the wall. That is exactly what I did to create a rustic tree and bird project. It was really very easy and led me to look for other art projects using pebbles. I’ll show you how I made mine and give you lots of inspiration for making your own pebble art.

Rock crafts in general are a fun way to get some creative rustic decor for your home. Whether you use larger rocks or small pebbles, you can get an interesting look with all of the variations.

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Tree And Bird Pebble Art DIY

If you look at a pile of pebbles long enough, you will see that some of them have a shape that resembles a bird. That is why I wanted to create some pebble art that included birds. They would sit in a tree made up of small birch twigs.

tree and bird pebble art project

To start with, I had a piece of salvaged wood that was left over from one of our building projects. I liked the size of it but didn’t want the edges so sharp. To round the wood edges, I just hand sanded them lightly with some medium coarse sandpaper.

sanding wood


Once I was happy with the sanding, I flipped the wood over and made a slot for hanging the wood. I used my womens Walnut Hollow drill to make a small slot in the back.

drilled hole in back of wood

I wanted my project to have a little color so I painted the wood with milk paint and then finished it with wax.


milk painted wood

Once my wood was prepared, I just had to assemble my pebbles and branches. I attached them to the wood with E6000 craft glue. I used a fine tip sharpie to draw on the little beaks.


pebble art

Other Pebble Art Ideas

Cozy Family

pebble art family

Here is a sweet depiction of a family using pebbles. This project was done on card stock and then framed. You could either remove the glass for a regular frame or frame the art in a shadow box.

Three On A Swing

three on a swing pebble art
SOURCE: How We Learn

Pebble art projects are fun to do with kids as well. Come up with a fun and playful design that kids will enjoy.

Tree And Swing

tree and swing
SOURCE: Feeling Nifty

Along the same theme is this option to create a tree that is full of leaves. It’s a great way to use some of those odd shaped pebbles.

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