Flower Craft In Under 5 Minutes

Are you looking for a craft project to do in 5 minutes or less? I made an industrial style flower today that literally was completed in just 5 minutes. This type of project is right up my alley – especially when the idea comes into my head in the evening. It started when I found an outdoor faucet handle in the garage. With Spring starting soon, I thought it would be fun to do a flower craft using the faucet handle.

diy industrial flower

Industrial Flower Craft

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I quickly carried the faucet down to my craft room and started looking for other supplies. All I really needed was some heavy gauge florist wire. But as I was looking around, I realized that one of my cheerful looking beads would be perfect for the center of the flower.

flower craft supplies

Luckily the hole that is going through the bead is big enough to fit my heavy gauge wire. I chose a black and white striped bead because I wanted to stay fairly neutral. A bright yellow bead that I had came in close second. There are so many options for flower designs with bead colors and patterns.

I also could have painted my faucet handle to give it some color but I was happy with the plain metal. You can also purchase faucet handles in a wide range of colors and they’re not very expensive.


Assembling The Flower Pieces

flower assembly

The hole in the middle of the faucet is quite big so you really need a bead to keep the wire in place. Once I put the wire through the faucet and bead, I was set to glue the bottom of the bead to the faucet. However, first I twisted the wire at the top of the bead to secure the bead from the top. I used needle nose pliers for wrapping the wire.

twisting wire around pliers

After making my twists to the top, I dabbed some E6000 craft glue to the top of the faucet. Then, I pulled the wire back down so the bead sat on the glue.

That is pretty much it! I shortened my length of wire to fit in a bud vase that I had previously made. A small tin snip works great for this.

flower craft
5 minute flower craft

I feel like this flower is just the right thing for my funky little bud vase. The vase was just made from an old test tube and a vintage shoe mold. To see other ways that I have used shoe molds, check out my post – What To Do With Vintage Cast Iron Shoe Molds

Faucet Handle Flowers For Fall

I also have a small stash of old rusty faucet handles. Because of the warm patina, I decided to make some faucet handle flowers just for Fall. I used orange beads at the center and placed them in some vintage amber bottles that I had. It’s another fun look that has a bit more of a rustic feel.

faucet handle flowers
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