Rustic Button Craft On A Slate Roofing Tile

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I like to use all kinds of funky materials in my craft projects, especially materials that offer a rustic feel.  I came across some leftover slate roofing tile, being sold at a flea market, that I thought would make a perfect back drop to a button craft I had in mind.

I loved the texture and coloration of the slate which was a mixture of grays and browns.  Anything that I decided to put on the slate would automatically be given a rustic nuance because of the background.

Another great thing about using a slate roofing tile as a base for a wall hanging is that the tile already has a set of pre-drilled holes that can be used to insert a wire hanger.


Here is how I made my button craft:

Materials Needed For Rustic Button Craft:

  • slate roofing tile
  • vintage mother of pearl buttons
  • birch branch
  • small unfinished wooden disc
  • paint
  • epoxy sticker
  • bark covered wire
  • 2 larger buttons
  • jewelry glue
  • Mod Podge decoupage
  • small section of peaberries and clear button for optional bird-nest crown

Rustic Button Craft Instructions:

Draw image on roofing slate with pencil.

1.  Either free hand draw or find an image to trace onto the slate with a pencil.  For a button craft, a simple image like a bird silhouette is perfect.
2.  Begin filling in the inside of the image with your buttons.  I used a quick tack jewelry glue but any good tacky glue will work fine.  Overlap some of the buttons to get good coverage.

Apply Mod Podge over buttons once glue is dry.

3.  For extra adhesion, I applies a layer of Mod Podge decoupage over all of the buttons once they were all glued down.  This assured that all the gaps where the buttons overlapped would be secured and sealed.  Don’t worry, it does dry clear!

Add details to bird with birch twigs and peaberries.

4.  Use birch twigs to make the bird’s legs.  I used small pieces of potpourri for the beak and eye.  For some added whimsy, I made a bird nest crown out of some peaberries and a clear button.  A large branch was added under the bird for a perch.
5.  To add a little inspiration, buy an epoxy sticker with a fun message that you can add to the top.  I painted a small wooden disc first to glue the sticker onto.  I first painted the disc in a dark burnt umber and then went over it lightly with some cream paint.  This gave it a distressed or weathered look that blended with the look of the slate.

Glue an epoxy sticker to a painted wooden disc.

6.  The bark covered wire gets threaded through the pre-drilled holes on each side of the slate and the ends are wrapped around the wire at the top of the slate:


7.  I then glued a large button over the wrapped section of wire on each side:

Glue large buttons on wrapped sections of wire.

And the button craft was then complete!