Button Art On A Slate Roofing Tile

When you have a lot of buttons, you start to think creatively. I knew that I would never use all of my stash for sewing projects. There were just too many. So, I thought about what kind of art project I could put together with some my buttons. I also had a random slate roofing tile that I really liked the look of. It would be a good rustic base for something but I just didn’t know what. I then, decided to combine the slate and the buttons to make some fun wall art.

Because I like birds and they are easy to draw, I decided to use my buttons to form a bird onto the slate. This ended up being a super easy project that gave me a fun piece of rustic wall art.

Bird Button Art Project

Materials Needed For This Button Art

  • slate roofing tile with pre-drilled holes at the top
  • small buttons – I used vintage mother of pearl buttons
  • 2 larger buttons
  • birch branch
  • small unfinished wooden disc
  • craft paint
  • bark covered wire
  • jewelry glue
  • Mod Podge decoupage
  • small section of pip berries and a clear button for crown

How To Create Button Art

Bird Button Art Instructions

  1. Draw Bird Outline On Slate With Pencil

    I drew my bird freehand but you could also use a stencil for this.button art

  2. Fill In The Outline With Buttons

    Using jewelry glue, adhere the buttons to the slate inside the outline. If you don’t have jewelry glue, use another good tacky glue. Overlap some of the buttons to get good coverage with no spaces showing.

  3. Cover The Buttons With Mod Podge Decoupage

    Once the glue has dried, cover the buttons with a coat of decoupage. This helps to secure the overlapping buttons and will dry clear.decoupage on buttons

  4. Add Details To Bird With Twigs And Pip Berries

    Use birch twigs to make the bird’s legs. Then, add small pieces of twigs to create the beak and eye. Wrap a small section of pip berry around a clear button to form a whimsical bird nest crown.button art bird

  5. Finish The Hanging With Some Inspiration

    Since my tile was long, I needed to add a little something to the top. I had a clear epoxy sticker with an inspiration message that would be nice for the top. However, since the lettering was in black, it wouldn’t show up well against the tile. So, I painted a round wooden disc a distressed white to act as a backer to the sticker. First I glued the wooden circle to the slate and then adhered the sticker to the wood. I also added a larger branch perch below the bird to give it a stronger base.button art embellishment

  6. Add The Button Art Hanger

    Because I used a roofing tile for my base, there were already pre-drilled holes at the top. This made it really easy to string some bark covered wire through the holes for hanging. I just looped the wire through the holes on each side and twisted the short ends around the loop.

    bark covered wire hanger

  7. Glue Large Buttons Over Twisted Wire

    The last step was to cover the twisted wire for a cleaner look. I simply glued large buttons over the wire. The buttons kept with the theme and added some interest to the top of the hanging.button art

Completed Button Art Hanging

button art
button art

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  1. I enjoyed this project because I love buttons. I do design rustic jewelry using buttons but your rustic craft is definitely a creative way to use vintage buttons. What glue in your experience works best to overlap buttons without using a back support? In your case you use the tile to hold them. In my case I do not use any material just the buttons itself. I am looking for a glue that do not snap after they are glued.
    Wish you success

    1. Maria,
      I haven’t done a button project where the buttons didn’t have a backing material to be glued to. However, one of my favorite glues is E6000 craft glue because of its strength and flexibility. You would probably have to apply it with a toothpick though because it comes out of the tube a little thick for buttons.

  2. I have never seen such an original art and craft project using buttons. Well done Renee! You seem to be full of creativity and talent, I really like the look of your tile.. very nice indeed! Feel free to visit my site, who knows you might like some of my art and crafts posts too 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Delhia!

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