Rustic Wedding Centerpieces That You Can Make

At this time of year, I start to think about weddings and like to include a post dedicated to rustic weddings. After all, rustic decor isn’t just for the home. Today’s post is focusing on rustic wedding centerpieces. All of these ideas are sure to warm up the reception tables.

Rustic weddings continue to be popular and there are more and more unique ideas for decorating that are chic and at the same time rustic and relaxed.

I thought I would focus just on centerpieces since there are so many different ideas to choose from. You can find more ideas for rustic wedding decor at my rustic wedding roundup.

Best Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

Here are some of the best ideas that I have found.

SOURCE: Martha Stewart Weddings

For some simple elegance, these floral branches create a stunning centerpiece especially against the white linens and tableware.

SOURCE: All Womens Talk

For a nice splash of color, this rustic apple centerpiece adds some cheer!

SOURCE: Emmaline Bride

I love this arrangement. You can make the stands with either burl wood, small stumps or sections of logs and large log slices that you can buy from a craft store or cut yourself. I love all of the different jars and white florals with contrasting greenery.

SOURCE: Events Your Way

Fresh red flowers in clear glass vases are a perfect combination for love!

SOURCE: Orchard Ridge Farms

Branches and candles light up the table for a romantic evening wedding.

SOURCE: The Wedding Of My Dreams

Here is a unique idea using a rustic wreath and tea lights.

Finally, you had to know that I would be including some birch wrapped vases! I just love these centerpieces with the different florals and embellishments.

Are you planning a wedding? What rustic ideas have you come up with? Let me know your thoughts!

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