Rustic Wedding Round Up

A rustic wedding style has become extremely popular and it’s no wonder. With the warm and comfortable feel that you get from rustic decor, it contrasts the chic wedding event perfectly. This roundup includes a variety of craft and DIY projects that you can easily do to enhance your rustic wedding theme.

Using natural items in your wedding decor is both pretty and inexpensive. In fact, some things can be made for free. When you have so many other expenses with a wedding, it really helps to save money on the decor. And, the nice thing is that you will not be skimping on style. Try one or several of these chic wedding ideas.

How To Create A Rustic Wedding Theme

There are so many things that you can easily make or put together for an elegant rustic feel. In fact, you will want to also check out these easy rustic wedding crafts. You will find a variety of ideas from signs to bouquets. If you are strictly interested in wedding centerpieces, see these ideas for centerpieces in a rustic style.

Here are some more ways to create a rustic wedding theme.

DIY Advice Box For A Rustic Wedding

rustic wedding advice box

When my oldest daughter got married, one of the things that I made was a little rustic advice box. I bought the box unfinished to do my own styling. First I wood burned a heart and the word advice onto the inside of the lid. Then I painted around the heart and the rest of the box with a distressed finished. Finally, I added a round unfinished wooden disc with their initials wood burned on it.

I found a heart stencil to trace onto construction paper. This gave me a stack of hearts to place inside the box which guests could write their advice on. It was fun to read all the advice ranging between silly and serious.

Table Number Holders Using Thread Spools

rustic thread spool table number holders
TUTORIAL: DIY Wedding Place Card Holders

I also used old wooden thread spools to make table number holders for a rustic wedding look. These could also be used as place card holders.

DIY Birch Vases

diy birch vases
SOURCE: City Farmhouse

Any floral centerpiece is going to look rustic chic when it is placed in a white birch vase. These cute wedding vases were made by wrapping birch bark around a tin can. Then they were finished off with either wood burning or twine. I love this idea!

To get this same look without using actual birch bark, you must check out my popular tutorial on how to paint anything to look like birch bark. You will be surprised at how realistic it looks. If you have a lot of centerpieces to make this may be an affordable option for painting on any type of container.

Rustic Place Card Holders

rustic wedding place card holders
SOURCE: Thinking Closet

A lot of rustic decor ideas are also simple. Stained clothespins make the perfect holder for a place card. Then, place all of the holders in a cool vintage drawer or tray that is perfect for a rustic vintage style wedding. This rustic look is also very inexpensive and clothespins are widely available.

Rustic Chalkboard Signs

rustic chalkboard wedding sign
SOURCE: Oh The Wedding Day

I love unique signage at a wedding especially when it is done with a rustic style chalkboard. You can easily make your own chalkboard from an old window or picture frame. See more ways to use windows for chalkboards and other decor at my post on 50 Ways To Use Old Windows.

For The Birds Wedding Favors

birdseed heart rustic wedding favors

TUTORIAL: Intimate Weddings

Even the wedding favors can have a rustic flair! These adorable heart shape bird feeders make a fantastic wedding favor. They also make a fun rustic addition to the wedding tables. Because the favors are easy and affordable to make, it doesn’t matter if you have to make hundreds. It is basically like baking cookies.

Evergreen Table Decorations/Favors

evergreen table decorations


Natural evergreens in a rustic can are absolutely perfect for a winter Christmas wedding. For any time of the year, just change the label. Evergreens add natural beauty at any time. You could also use the tin cans as vases for fresh flowers. The nice thing about this idea, is that the favors double nicely as beautiful table decor.

More Ideas For Rustic Table Decorations

  1. Glue small clear glass jewel sequins onto birch branches and place several in a clear glass vase.
  2. Fill glass bowls with pine cones that have been sprayed with silver glitter spray and add some clear glass marbles.
  3. Wrap white pip berry garland around  dark pine logs, standing straight up, with white taper candles mixed in.

Use pedestal trays like this snack tray I made for condiments.  Maybe fill small crystal bowls with mints and place on the tray.  You could add a lace doily on top of the tray for added elegance.

You can also use rustic pedestal trays to hold beverage containers.

beverage containers on rustic pedestal trays
SOURCE: EmmaLovesWeddings

There is a lot you can do when you just start thinking about combining natural elements with a little bit of glamour.  Pick something that you like from nature and then pair it with something that has some sparkle or shine or softness like lace.

Still looking for more ideas? Find everything you need with these rustic chic wedding crafts and projects.

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  1. Love vintage and the great ideas that brides come up with. The arbor is simple but makes a statement and the card holders from wood are very creative.

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