DIY St Patricks Day Wreaths

Whether you are Irish or not, you can show off your festive spirit by adorning your front door with a wreath on St. Patrick’s Day. It doesn’t have to cost you a pot of gold to display something special either. With a little luck and maybe an ounce of magic, you can create your own wreath quite easily. All of these DIY St Patricks Day wreaths are sure to please your friends and family as well as any leprechauns that may pass your way! And, don’t stop with just a wreath when you can also make shamrock signs, rainbow banners, and more with these 17 crafts for St. Patricks Day.

diy st patricks day wreaths

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Split Pea Shamrock Wreath

split pea shamrock wreath
TUTORIAL: Sprinkle Some Fun

What’s not to love about the simple rustic styling of this St. Patricks Day wreath you can make with items from your pantry?

St Patricks Day Straw Wreath

st patricks day wreath
TUTORIAL: Positively Splendid

The texture of the straw wreath form adds a nice bit of shabbiness to this festive clover wreath.


Rustic St Patricks Day Wreath

rustic natural st patricks day wreath
TUTORIAL: Confetti Fix

For those that like to keep even holiday decor looking rustic, this DIY wreath definitely fits the bill.

Ribbon Tied Irish Wreath

ribbon tied irish wreath
TUTORIAL: The Ribbon Retreat

A foam wreath form plus a variety of green ribbon equals a super easy wreath for your door.


Ribbon Rolled Shamrock Wreath

ribbon rolled shamrock wreath
TUTORIAL: The No Pressure Life

If you like the idea of using ribbon to make a wreath but are look for something a little less time consuming, try rolling instead of tying. Choose a wider green ribbon and just wrap it around your wreath form.

Pool Noodle Shamrock Wreath

pool noodle shamrock wreath

Would you have guessed that the wreath form is made from a pool noodle? Such a clever and easy idea!


Lucky Shamrocks St. Patricks Day Wreath

lucky shamrocks st patricks day wreath
TUTORIAL: Flamingo Toes

It’s easy to create a rainbow banner and green clovers with felt. Then, just apply them to a wrapped burlap wreath form for a cheerful display.


DIY Reversible St Patricks Day Wreath

diy reversible st patricks day wreath
TUTORIAL: Kitchen Cents

By placing decorative green patterned paper on one side of a clothespin and red on the other, you can have a dual holiday wreath just by flipping it over!


Shades Of Green Rag Wreath

shades of green rag wreath
TUTORIAL: A Moms Impression

Using a wire wreath frame, you simply tie on strips of coordinating fabrics to create a wreath full of cheer.


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$3 Clover Burlap Wreath

st patrick day wreath
SOURCE: My Blessed Life

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a holiday wreath. In fact, this wreath only cost three dollars to make. Just embellish any plain wreath form with jute and burlap. Add a touch of green and a clover sign and you are all set to welcome guests on St. Patrick’s Day.


Green Bandana Wreath

green bandana wreath
TUTORIAL: Scratch And Stitch

The leprechaun buckle really makes this green bandana wreath for St. Patricks Day.

Pot Of Gold Wreath

pot of gold wreath
TUTORIAL: Decor For The Season

A burlap covered wreath is the perfect base for adding festive decor that can be changed out for the seasons.


Burlap Strips And Lucky Banner

st patrick day wreath
TUTORIAL: Miss Lovie Creations

For a similar look, use a thicker wreath round and just wrap it in burlap strips without the ruffle. Then, add some extra chic with flowers that have pearl centers. Make a “lucky” banner to add the fun Irish touch. The use of polka dot fabric also adds some extra cheer.

Buttons, Burlap, And Clover

TUTORIAL: Me And My Scraps

Instead of wrapping a wreath in burlap, why not cover one with a variety of burlap and fabric rounds? Notice that the fabric, used with the burlap, is full of clovers. The addition of buttons makes this wreath idea especially shabby chic.

Clover Garland Wreath

SOURCE: Simply Sweet Home

You can’t get much simpler than wrapping a grapevine wreath in clover garland. It’s a quick and easy way to create something festive. Once the holiday is over, just unwrap the clover and use the wreath for your next decorating project.

Decked Out Green Boxwood Wreath

diy wreath
SOURCE: Sweet Something Designs

My favorite idea is to simply embellish a boxwood wreath. The boxwood gives you the green naturally so you just need to add a little cover embellishment and ribbon to give it a festive look. A St Patricks day wreath like this only takes minutes to make.

Lucky Green St Patricks Wreath

lucky green st patricks wreath
TUTORIAL: A Little Tipsy

Although this wreath looks similar to fresh greenery like the boxwood wreath, it is actually made from fabric!

Now that I have you thinking about creating wreaths, maybe you would like some wreath ideas for everyday use. Check out these rustic chic wreath ideas that you can make. You will find a whole collection of creative ideas to use in your home.

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  1. In your button and burlap wreath, how did you attach it all? How much fabric did you use?

  2. Love these..thanks for sharing the inspiration. Not a big ST. pattys day decorator for my home but this is enough to maybe get me going!!

    1. You’re welcome! I liked that these were a little more on the subtle side :).

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