Spring Clean Up With DIY Organization

No matter what time of year it is, a good Spring clean up begins with organization. Having a place for everything creates less stress and will maybe even create more space. It doesn’t take a big expense on storage units when you can provide storage by repurposing common items. These DIY organization ideas will inspire you to get started now.

DIY Organization Ideas

Cupcake Tin For Storing Small Items

DIY organization - cupcake tin organizer

I needed something to organize all of those little things in my desk junk drawer.  An easy solution was to use an old cupcake tin that I was no longer using in the kitchen.  The small compartments were just the right size for separating my small items and the tin was the perfect dimension to fit inside the drawer.

Picture Frame Sunglass Holder

DIY organization - sunglasses storage

An old picture frame and some wire make the perfect storage rack for all those loose sunglasses that you probably have laying around.  Keep them right at eye level and in one spot with this handy way to store them.  It’s also a great way to recycle an old frame!

Labeled Mason Jar Storage

diy organization - mason jar storage

A little chalkboard paint and some mason jars are a match made in heaven for functional storage for craft and office supplies.  You could also use these in a bathroom for things like cotton balls and q-tips.

Sugar And Creamer Bathroom Storage

I also like to use old cream and sugar sets for decorative storage containers in the bathroom:

diy organization

DIY Rustic Clipboard

chore chart

Part of keeping organized is also organizing tasks.  This handy rustic style clip board keeps those chores all clipped together in one spot for handy reference.  Check out the tutorial for the full chore chart for kids with pebble jars for tracking completion!

Vintage Suitcase Medicine Cabinet

diy organization - suitcase cabinet

If you need more cabinet space in your bathroom but don’t exactly have the funds, you may find this unique idea appealing.  An old suitcase doubles as a handy medicine cabinet when hung on the wall!  Add an inexpensive mirror to the outside with glue and you are all set.  This is a great way to organize some of your toiletries that may otherwise get lost in deep drawers or under the counter cabinets.

Do you have some clever organizational ideas?

Share your thoughts and ideas below.

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