The Most Creative Repurposed Crafts

At least once a year I like to go through my house and weed out things that I am no longer using.  From that pile, I will either donate the items or figure out what I can possibly use to repurpose into something else that is fun and creative. For inspiration, I put together this collection of creative repurposed crafts.

Repurposed Crafts

I found ten very creative repurposed crafts. With these ideas, you may find yourself searching through your house for items to repurpose.

Film Reel Turned Wine Rack

repurposed crafts

If you have any old film reels you may want to turn those into a cool wine rack!  HGTV explains just how to do this with one film reel. Here is a similar wine bottle holder that is for sale at Nordstroms.

Bowling Ball Turned Garden Globe

Maybe you used to have a passion for bowling but haven’t picked up your ball in years.  Now you can pick up that ball and transform into some garden art with this idea from Crafts A La Mode!

repurposed crafts

It will look much better decorated and sitting in your garden than collecting dust and sitting in your attic!

Tire Turned Table

You should check your garage for things to repurpose too!

repurposed crafts

An old tire quickly becomes a beautiful side table with this tutorial by Homes.

Crutches Turned Shelving Unit

If you have ever been unfortunate enough to need to use crutches, you can now use those crutches to your advantage.

repurposed crafts

Mamie Jane did just that with this very creative crutch shelving unit.

Dresser Drawer Turned Pillow Storage

Maybe you have an old dresser that isn’t in very good condition but some of the drawers are still worth saving.  You can make over just the drawers to use for creative storage like this example from the Rustic Pig.

repurposed crafts

Putting legs on the drawer makes it it’s own piece!

Mouse Trap Turned Paper Clip

When you are searching up in your attic for things to repurpose, you may run into an old mouse trap.  Hopefully not filled with a mouse!  You may consider throwing it out…however, think again!

repurposed crafts

How cute are these DIY mouse trap clips by Ucreate Crafts?

Kitchen Sifter Turned Pendant Light

One of my own favorite repurposed craft projects is our diy pendant light made from a vintage kitchen sifter.

repurposed crafts by

Bar Stool Turned Wrapping Paper Organizer

I don’t know about you but I always seem to have extra chairs or stools.  If you have an old basic bar stool lying around, you might want to transform it into this cool wrapping paper organizer.

repurposed crafts

This clever tutorial comes from 2 Little Hooligans.

Have you been inspired to do a little repurposing?

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