Thumbtack Crafts For Home Decor

Thumbtacks are not just for pinning things! They are perfect to use for embellishing objects for your home decor.  The designs that you can create with a series of tacks take on a solid metallic look that can be both industrial and rustic. I found several thumbtack crafts that make great home decor projects and are easy to complete.

Thumbtack Crafts

Turn An Ordinary Globe Into An Industrial Decor Piece

thumbtack covered globe

An ordinary globe may not fit into your decor style. However, one made metallic with tacks adds a certain industrial chicness to a room. This thumbtack globe is an easy project with a lot of impact.

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Make Colorful Thumbtack Ball Vase Fillers

thumbtack ball vase fillers

For something a bit more colorful, you could make thumbtack filler balls using styro-foam balls, thumbtacks, and paint.  This is a great way to fill a bowl or vase with a variety of colored balls with a fun texture.  You could also keep the tacks metallic or paint to get variations of silver, gold and copper for another vase filler idea.

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Create Art With Thumbtacks

thumbtack art

Whatever design you can draw out on canvas, you can give it metallic shine with simple thumb tacks. Whether you draw out words or shapes, embellishing with tacks is a fun way to go. This thumbtack ampersand looks so classy and chic. Plus decorating with metallics is so popular right now.

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Another Ikea Hack – A Thumbtack Mirror

thumbtack mirror

I love how a cork trivet was turned into a classy mirror using thumbtacks. Try this idea for embellishing a picture frame as well.

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Create Topography On The Wall With Thumbtacks

thumbtack wall typography

SOURCE: Jessica Hische

Instead of using wall decals to create words on your wall, try using thumbtacks. All you need to do is draw out what you want to say and then cover with tacks. Of course, you don’t need to freehand your words if you don’t want to. Use stencils to get the typography just right. When the tacks are painted the same color as the wall, the look is nice and subtle. For a bold look, use a high contrast color to the wall. You could also put the words on a salvaged piece of wood to make a rustic sign for your wall.







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