Water Bottle Crafts For Decor

I don’t know about you, but our family goes through a bunch of water bottles in the summer.  We are always packing a cooler for outdoor events or for the boat and bottled water is an essential.  This leaves us with an abundance of plastic to recycle. Instead of just throwing these empty bottles into the recycle bin, however, there are other creative ways to use them.  I love turning trash to treasure and there are many water bottle crafts that will surprise you in their artful designs and functionality.

I went on a hunt for craft ideas that had great design and came up with a collection of unique water bottle crafts.

Unique Water Bottle Crafts

DIY Water Bottle Patio Lights

water bottle crafts

SOURCE: Danielle’s Place

Water bottle flower patio lights by Danielle’s Place. This could be my favorite use for water bottles!  Who doesn’t like a string of fun patio lights to add some evening glow to their outdoor space?  These water bottle flowers are a pretty and colorful way to add some light and decor for the Summer.

Water Bottle Patio Flowers

water bottle craft flowers

SOURCE: Crafts By Amanda

Here is a fun way to add a little colorful decor to an outdoor table or deck rail.  The flowers are fun for kids to make too!

DIY Water Bottle Planters

water bottle crafts

SOURCE: Handmade By Kelly

Cut the bottom off a water bottle and use it for a fun planter. These would look bright and cheery hanging around a patio outside.

Water Bottle Crafts Organizer

water bottle craft supplies organizer

SOURCE: Craftzine

This craft combines two of my favorite things to do, recycle and organize.  These mini storage bins are perfect for an office or craft room for all of those little odds and ends.

Water bottles aren’t the only plastic bottles to use in craft projects. See this variety of plastic bottle crafts using other types of bottles.

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