Vintage Crafts: What To Make With A Vintage Hanger

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I love the look of the old vintage wooden skirt or pants hangers…so I picked up a few!  Since they are made to slide open and then clasp tightly to clothing for hanging, I figured why not do the same for photos?  I am always looking for unique ways to hang pictures on the wall as I get a little bored with the basic frame all the time!

I could have left the hanger as is with the stained wood clasp and it would have looked fine on the wall as a photo holder.  However, I love to fiddle and bling things out just a bit!

Here is what the hanger looked like before I got my hands on it:

Not too shabby!  Except I wanted a more shabby chic look…….I got out my case of vintage buttons and a little cream paint and went to work.

I only applied on layer of paint since the majority of the wood was going to be covered in buttons.  I then picked out different shades and sizes of cream buttons, from my case, and glued them on.  I left some of the thread on a few of the buttons for fun!

Here is what it looks like with a photo hanging from it:

With one of my other hangers, that was a little bit larger, I decided to make a wall hook.  I needed the metal hook part of the hanger to be facing forward and was going to use a couple of pliers to twist in place.  However, my husband just happened to be right there and very nicely twisted in place with his hand.

I then just added a little embellishment to it with the word “home” and attached a picture hanger to the back.  It works perfectly for hanging hats or light jackets.  I could always attach it to the wall with long screws through the wood if I wanted to hang heavy coats.

Here are the pictures:

Happy Crafting!

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