Get Organized With Homemade Craft Storage

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It’s a brand new year and a perfect time to get your craft room organized. After all you need to be ready for all of your new projects. It may seem expensive if you think about adding a bunch of new storage solutions. However, a well organized space doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. By making the storage units yourself, you can save a bundle. All you have to do is use recycled materials.  It’s a perfect way to get organized! Organizing in this way serves a double purpose too since you will adding storage from items that you would otherwise throw away or store.

How To Get Your Craft Room Organized

To start with, I am going to give a recap of some of the projects that I have done in my own craft room that have made good storage sense at little to no cost. Because I use a lot of throw away items, my projects are practically free. Think twice before throwing out those cans or boxes. I also found some other great ideas that will help to inspire you further to get organized and start the year out fresh.

Make A Paper Holder Out Of A Cereal Box

paper holder made from a cereal box

TUTORIAL: How To Make A Paper Holder From A Cereal Box

The first project is a paper holder that I had actually made for my home office.  However, this would also be great to use in a craft room for decorative craft papers or sticker sheets.  The best part is that you can make it for practically free.  All you need is a cereal box, some newspaper and maybe an embellishment or two.

Get Organized With Tin Can Storage Caddies

The next storage project uses another cost effective material that everyone should have on hand.  These tin can storage caddies are so handy for pencils, paint brushes, markers or any small tools.

tin can storage containers

SOURCE: How To Upcycle Tin Cans For Craft Storage

You can make these with or without handles and use a variety of finish materials to give each one a unique look. It’s a super simple idea with a lot of bang for the buck.

Turn A Six Pack Container Into Handy Storage

creative ideas to get organized - recycle a six pack container

TUTORIAL: Make A Storage Container Out Of A Six Pack Bottle Holder

A six pack container makes a terrific storage container with six natural sections for easy storing of a variety of materials.  See the variety of different caddies that I made using different materials and embelllishments to cover the cardboard.

Use A Wine Rack To Hold Storage Bottles

wine rack holding storage jars

TUTORIAL: The Quilted Turtle

An old wine rack can be turned into a very functional storage unit. In this example the wine rack holds jars full of buttons. I love how the jar tops are color coded to correspond with the color of buttons.

Make A Storage Unit Out Of Cardboard And Fabric

  TUTORIAL: Choose To Thrive

Can you believe that this great wall storage unit was made from lots of scrap cardboard and fabric? The tutorial shows you how to make this at zero to little cost depending on the materials that you have on hand. Because you can make a variety of containers out of cardboard, this project may inspire you to create your own design.

I hope you have been inspired with some unique ideas for organizing your craft room.  There are so many items that can be re-purposed into storage containers and therefore given a new and useful life.  Start looking at some of your “junk” with a new eye and see what you can come up with.  Think about how you can give items a new and fun look with just a little effort.

For more creative storage ideas, see my posts: Creative Ways To Get Organized or, Ten Decorative Organization Crafts.

Also, take a look at my cabin craft room space for more inspiration.

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