Vintage Hose Nozzle Photo Holders

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On a recent visit to an antique store, I was happy to find several fun vintage items that I felt I would be able to incorporate into craft items.  I believe that vintage and rustic are closely related and am excited to be expanding my supply search to those old antique parts that I can refurbish.

My husband was actually the one to find these hose nozzles.  I love the look and shape of them.  It didn’t take me too long to get inspired.  I found a great magazine from the book store called Flea Market Style. In it was an article with lots of ideas for using vintage items in househould decor.  One of the ideas was for photo holders using hose nozzles.  I took the basic idea and embellished it just a little.

Since I love to use beads in my crafts to add a little glamour and color.  I picked a few favorites to embellish the holders with.  I made two different styles of holders which can be used for photos or place cards or even table numbers.   The super easy instructions are as follows:

Materials Needed:

  • vintage hose nozzles
  • thick copper  beading wire
  • beads
  • tacky glue
  • wire snips

STEP ONE: Clip off about an eight inch section of wire with your wire snips.  Wrap one end around a cylinder object, twice.  I used a branch but you could use a piece of thick dowel or a marker to get your circular shape.  This will be the end in which your photo, place card or table number will be inserted.

STEP TWO: String your beads onto the wire and then insert the wire into the hole at the top of the nozzle.  This only works if the nozzle you have does not have an inner part in that hole section.

This is how the holder will look before adding glue to keep the beads in a straight line and the wire secure in the hole.  Simply place some tacky glue at the end of the wire, about an inch up, and reinsert it into the hole.  Add a dab of glue between beads and straighten them as you work your way up.

If your nozzle does not have a hole at the top because of an additional part, simply twist the other end of the wire around the top of the nozzle.  No glue is required.  Take a round bead and glue it to the top of the nozzle to further decorate.

Now just add your vintage photos!

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