Warming A Room With Rustic Paint Colors

Choosing a wall paint color can always be a bit of a challenge.  Not only is there every color of the rainbow to choose from but there are also a wide range of shades and tones available.  It can leave you staring blankly at a sea of swatches for hours!

However, the choices can be narrowed down quite a bit.  If you are going for a rustic theme, for example, there are certain colors that will complement the style better than others.  It definitely helps to see pictures of decorated rooms for inspiration!

The following rustic paint colors are just a few examples of colors that do well to warm up a room and enhance most rustic decor.

rustic paint colors by rustic-crafts.com

Warm shades of red are great to use in rustic decorating.  It is a nice contrast to use against light wood, antlers and other rustic decor.  The red on these walls is Pottery Red by Benjamin Moore.  We wanted to go with a darker wall color to contrast the lighter basement cabinets which were a hickory.

rustic paint colors
photo via Homedit

Another great color is anything in a shade of gold.  This rustic kitchen looks so warm and inviting, even with the cool concrete counters, with the walls being a warm shade of gold.

rustic paint colors
photo via The Virginia House

I love a dark taupe-y gray to especially highlight lighter accessories like these white antlers.  They really pop against the warm dark paint color.

rustic paint colors
photo via Houzz

A fun orange can also work in a rustic setting.  This industrial sink is perfectly highlighted with an orange back drop.

rustic paint colors
photo via The Enchanted Home

This light shade of blue wall paint complements the look of the weathered wood beams.  I had also painted a shade of blue gray in my son’s rustic industrial bedroom which enhanced the light wood and metal decor.

What are your favorite colors?

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  1. I love all of the featured paint colors!

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