DIY Closet Organization Ideas

The space inside our closets can be easily hidden behind a door and  quickly become an area of chaos.  For most of us, our focus tends to be on the visible areas of our homes. It’s all too easy to just open a closet door and pile more things in. This leads to major disorganization making it hard to find what you need. Because of this, these DIY closet organization ideas come to the rescue.

There are plenty of good ways to organize a closet with shelves, cubbies and other creative organizational ideas.

How To Organize A Closet

Add Shelves And Cubbies

diy closet organization - add cubbies

Many of us probably have a linen closet with some built in shelves.  My linen closet has shelves. The shelves are stuffed full of linens that have fallen on top of each other which is not a pretty sight.  I like this idea of sectioning the shelves off with cubbies to hold sections of towels together better.  Also, having a spot for cleaning products on their own and baskets for other items, keeps it clean and organized.  I also like the pull out tray that was added.  I’m sure this closet will stay organized and clean!

Add More Hanging Rods And Drawers

diy closet organization - add more rods and drawers

Here is a great tutorial, that I found, for transforming a normal bedroom closet space into a more functional and organized storage system.  Additional hanging rods and drawers make this bedroom closet super efficient.

Revamp A Small Closet Into A Cozy Nook

diy closet organization - transform a small closet with shelves, cubbies and a bench

SOURCE: The 36th Avenue

Now, if you have a small closet that you don’t necessarily need for hanging things, why not transform it into a little mudroom area?  I just love this cute idea by The 36th Avenue. An added bench and handy storage baskets allow for plenty of organization. The best part about this transformation, is the added decorative space.

Create Storage For The Inside Of A Closet Door

diy closet organization - inside closet door storage shelves

An open closet door usually doesn’t add any value to a home. However, when it is equipped with storage shelving it is a huge plus! Here is a great idea for adding some extra storage to the inside of a closet door.

Do you have some tips for creating a well organized closet space?

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