Christmas Craft: Birch Candy Cane

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Since many of my craft projects involve birch bark, I have many birch logs sitting around looking a little bare.  I haven’t wanted to get rid of them because I just knew I would think of something some day to use them for.  Well, today I did!  I decided I would cover them back up… but this time with some paint.  I was trying to think of a Christmas craft and a candy cane stick came to mind.  The birch logs already had the shape going for them, I just needed to decorate them.  It really was quite easy to complete this project!

Materials needed:

  • birch log with loose bark peeled off
  • red and white acrylic paints
  • glamour dust
  • angled paint brushes
  • spray acrylic sealer
  • thin red ribbon
  • fabric measuring tape
  • masking tape

1. Use your fabric measuring tape as a guide for drawing your paint lines.  Tape one end, with your masking tape, to the top of the log and begin wrapping the measuring tape around the log all the way to the bottom.  Hold it tightly in place while you pencil in your line at the top of the measuring tape.  When you are finished, take the tape off the end and slide your measuring tape down the distance of width that you want your red stripe to be.  Tape the measuring tape end in place once again and repeat the steps.  You now have your paint line guides for your stripe.

2.  Use a good angled paint brush to paint your red stripe all the way around the log.  I painted on two coats to get a nice dark bright color.

3.  Originally,  I thought that I might leave the white stripe just the natural birch color.  However, I thought it was looking more like a nautical light house than a yummy candy cane so I decided to add some white paint.  First though, I mixed a little glamour dust into the white paint.  This gives a very subtle glimmer that  catches the light beautifully.  Kind of like the sheen from a real candy stick.  You can find a bottle of glamour dust by the acrylic paints in the same type of bottle.

Now, carefully paint your white stripe between the red stripes.  You could paint the whole log white in the beginning and just worry about painting in the lines for the red stripe to make it easier.  I probably would have done this if it had been my original plan.

4.  Once the painting was done, I wanted to add one more tiny stripe.  However, there was no way I was going to paint a tiny stripe.  It was much easier to use a thin satin ribbon and some tacky glue.  Starting at the top, apply a little glue to the end of the ribbon and adhere to the log in the middle of the white stripe.  Begin winding the ribbon around the log, applying more glue as you go.  When you get to the bottom, cut off the remaining ribbon.


birch log candy cane

Your birch candy cane should now look a bit more authentic.  One more Christmas craft checked off!

Happy crafting!

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