Creative DIY Flooring Ideas

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Are you looking for new or upgraded flooring?  There are more flooring choices for your home than what might first come to mind.  If you are working within a budget or want a unique design, sometimes you just have to think outside the box.

I am going to show you some very creative diy flooring ideas that may be a good solution for you when traditional options may not fit the bill.

When we built our cabin we wanted an affordable wood flooring that would be durable and yet still stylish.  We tried an experiment and it worked!  After three years we are still extremely happy with the results.

All we did was finished the OSB sub floor with Varathane Floor in a gloss finish.

diy flooring

We first sanded the floors with a floor sander and then applied about three very thick coats of the Varathane.

We also got a little creative with our cabin’s basement flooring.  The lower walkout level was finished off but we were concerned about putting carpet down there with the humidity and amount of time it would be closed up.  So…we decided to stain the concrete right away with a nice warm rust color.  The variations from the stain gave the look of a tile or granite.

diy flooring

Since concrete is cold the warm color helps to at least give the allusion of warmth!  Although it feels great in the summer!

Here are some other creative diy flooring ideas that I found:

diy flooring

Paper bag floors by Domestic Imperfection

Here is a super unique and cool looking idea by Domestic Imperfection.  This flooring is made up of paper bags!  Once adhered they are stained and polyurethaned for a strong finish.  You will want to check out the link for this creative tutorial!

diy flooring

Lath floor by Nellie Bellie

This next idea intrigued me.  It is a lath floor.  I didn’t know what that meant at first.  I thought it was the way the wood was cut but it is a type of wood you buy that is used in construction and comes in narrow strips.  The best part is that it is very inexpensive!  I love how Nellie Bellie took advantage of a bargain and constructed and then painted this floor.

What if you just want to update some old and worn vinyl flooring?  View Along The Way has the perfect solution!

diy flooring

Painted vinyl flooring by View Along The Way

She actually painted the floor to get that result!  Check out the link to see the details on this amazing transformation.

Happy Decorating!