Decorating With A Rustic Chic Color Palette

Picking out colors for an interior design project is probably one of the most difficult parts about decorating. Today I am going to focus on a rustic chic style. If you like white, this style can be one of the easiest. More often than not you see chic white linens or walls with rustic accessories for a nice balance of rough texture and clean elegance.

However, what if you want to add a bit more color? Here is one example of a rustic chic color palette, that I put together, that mixes soft sea greens with some yellowed neutrals and rust.

rustic chic color palette

I also found some inspiration photos of other rustic chic color schemes that work well together.

rustic blue dining room

rustic chic dining room by Gomguz

The soft blue walls of this dining room add a touch of elegance to the rustic furnishings.

You can also go very bright with your colors in a rustic chic design. This next example shows a bright blue with rustic accessories – although the design is bordering on a more modern style, the color would work even if the branch motif were real branches and the furnishings were more distressed.

bright blue rustic chic design

Bright blue rustic chic design by Interior Design Pro

Coastal colors will always be a great rustic chic color combination. Here is one of my favorite inspiration photos:

coastal colors

coastal colors by Apartment Therapy

You can find more inspiration for coastal colors by clicking on the photo.

rustic chic color palette

Rustic chic color palette by Heim Decor

This last rustic chic color palette is so fresh and natural it is almost like being outside. The green walls look very elegant paired with the thick rustic table.

What are your favorite color combinations? If you are looking for more color palette ideas, check out my new blog dedicated just to color palettes at Palette Wheel. I will be adding several new palettes a week.

Happy Decorating!

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