Decorative Craft Storage Cabinet Ideas

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If you do any type of crafts, you will very quickly accumulate an assortment of craft supplies.  And, chances are, you don’t just want these supplies collecting in piles haphazardly around your craft room or space.  That is where good organization will save you from clutter and from a lot of frustration.

There are all kinds of storage solutions that you can buy like plastic bins and dividers but you can also get more decorative with a craft storage cabinet.

I have found several ideas for rustic industrial cabinets that look amazing in a craft room.   Check out all of this inspiration for a storage idea of your own!

Craft Storage Cabinets:

craft storage cabinet

To start, I repurposed a vintage credenza to use for craft storage.  I changed the handles and paint for a more fun and industrial look.

craft storage cabinet
Rustic craft storage cabinet by Crafty Storage

An old library card catalog cabinet is repurposed into a craft storage cabinet!  The distressed wood of the drawers and the mismatched metal handles are a perfect rustic industrial look.

paintbrush cabinet handles
Paintbrush cabinet handles by Pretty Handy Girl

No matter what type of cabinet you may have to work with, you can give it a cool look with some old paintbrush handles.  Check out the tutorial by Pretty Handy Girl.

craft storage cabinet
Ballard Designs Inspired Cabinet by Finding Home Online

See how you can make this Ballard Designs inspired cabinet by Finding Home Online.

craft storage cabinet
craft storage cabinet makeover by Sophia’s Decor

Here is an amazing craft cabinet makeover project.  The cabinet started from a Craig’s List purchase and had no hardware.  Check out the before picture!

craft storage cabinet
Ikea craft storage cabinet makeover by Crafty Scrappy Happy

If you would prefer to purchase something new and makeover that, here is a great example of an Ikea storage cabinet/cubby makeover.  Check out all of the details that went into this project by Crafty Scrappy Happy.

I hope you have been inspired!

Happy Crafting!

I'm addicted to crafting and decorating my downtown city loft and up north rustic cabin.
  1. Loving these!! Thanks for the Inspiration.Cindy

    1. You’re welcome Cindy! I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

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