DIY Chicken Wire Basket

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The other day I was thinking that I would like a unique container for storing lemons and limes on the kitchen counter.  I wanted something tall and cylinder but not the usual glass.  Since I still wanted to be able to see the fruit that I stored, whatever I used had to be see through.

I have a lot of antiques in my kitchen and one of my other favorite items is a large pig….who is a chef!

So….for my somewhat country kitchen, it made perfect sense to use chicken wire!  A chicken wire basket would be easy enough to make.  At least I hoped it would be as easy as the plan in my head…..

We had some chicken wire in the garage, that we had picked up along the way, so I cut off a section with my heavy duty tin snips.

chicken wire basket
chicken wire cut and ready to use

The only thing that I needed to buy for this craft project was something to act as the bottom of my container or basket.

I found a round flat piece of wood at Michaels that was just the diameter of the basket I wanted.  The first thing I did was to give it a thin coat of white paint.

chicken wire basket chicken wire basket

To begin getting the chicken wire ready to be formed into a cylinder, I trimmed it down to the exact height and width that I wanted.  I just eyeballed the wire and ended up okay but it is probably a good idea to take the extra step of measuring.

Next, I bent the bottom row of wire in.  This bent part would be attached to the bottom of the wood to hold the cylinder in place in the end.

chicken wire basket
bottom row is bent inward

Before I glued the wire to the bottom of the wood, I first wrapped the cylinder all the way around and began to secure the sides together by twisting the chicken wire ends together in a couple of key spots.

chicken wire basket
twisted wires together using pliers

To further secure the ends together, I used twine to loop through the edges, working my way down the cylinder and back up on the other side of the seam.

chicken wire basket
used twine to further secure edges

This left a not so pretty section in my cylinder so I had to come up with a fix!  I ended up cutting a section out of a bushel basket lid, that I had, and attached it right over this section using Loctite adhesive.

I also wanted to add something a little more decorative around the top rim of the basket.  It didn’t need anything too heavy so I decided on using my bark covered wire…….which happens to be one of my favorite craft items ever!!

I made it real loopy and fun!

And then I put the finished product next to my favorite pig.


I’m a little low on lemons and am due to go grocery shopping!  I am ready to fill that basket up.


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Happy Crafting!

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  1. Cut idea. Like that you can still get the benefit of seeing the colors inside. Thanks!

    1. I’m glad you like it Linda Rae. It makes a great alternative to glass and without the fragility!

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