Rustic Craft Ideas For Home Decor

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The very reason I ever started creating rustic crafts was to enhance my home decor with some naturally chic elements. My husband and I love the look of birch and wanted to incorporate as much of it as possible into our home. We started with a few rustic craft ideas like birch lamps, candles and picture frames. At first we made these just for ourselves but quickly realized that other people liked them as much as we did. That is when we decided to start making them to sell. You can see all of the details on our birch lamps at my first blog post, DIY Lamps: How To Make A Birch Lamp.

Besides lamps, there are many other rustic crafts that can be incorporated into the home that are both rustic and chic. I did some searching for some new and unique ideas that would be easy to try. And I was happy with what I came up with. Here is a small collection of rustic craft ideas that I think you will like too.

Rustic Craft Ideas

1. Rustic Magnetic Knife Rack Idea


rustic craft ideaWhen I first saw the photo of this rustic knife rack, I wondered how in the world would these knives stick to a piece of wood! I love magnetic knife racks and this one is super cool. Usually the only option is a super industrial shiny strip of metal. This is something I want to try at our cabin, where storage space is limited and the decor is definitely rustic.

2. Rustic Wood Slice With Image

SOURCE: Sparkle Living Blog

rustic craft ideaHere is a rustic craft idea that is an image transfer on a rustic wood slab. The method used by Sparkle Living Blog was with a gel medium to transfer the image. Another method that you could use, which I have used in the past, is the freezer paper transfer technique. It is super easy! You can see how I used the technique for transferring an image onto an end table here – My End Table Makeover.

3. Rake Utensil Holder

SOURCE:  The Gracious Wife

rustic craft ideas

I have seen old rakes used for jewelry holders and wine glass display so it makes sense to also use a rake to hold kitchen utensils! The rake could be hung with or without the board in the back depending on how rustic you wanted to go or what surface you are hanging from.

4. Rustic Pallet Frame Craft Idea

SOURCE:  Little House Of Four

rustic craft idea

This rustic frame made from a pallet is so cute! I love the sheet metal brackets to hold the photo in place.

5. Rustic Chicken Wire Basket

by Rustic Crafts and Chic Decor

rustic chicken wire basket

Baskets are always popular in home decor and it’s easy to make your own rustic basket with chicken wire. I made this one for storing lemons on my counter.

6. Fabric seat cushions for chairs or window seats.

window seat cushion rustic craft

It’s easy to update your rustic decor with fabric. Whether you want to do a window seat cushion or just a chair, new fabric can make a big difference.

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Do you have any rustic craft ideas that you would like to share?

rustic craft ideas

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