Eco Friendly Gift Packaging Ideas

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If you are looking for an alternative to store bought wrapping paper for birthday and other gift items, I have some solutions that are both creative and eco friendly.

I like to recycle whenever I can because it not only eliminates some waste but it also is a great cost savings.  However, just because I am using items that may otherwise end up in the trash does not mean that I  will be skimping on style.  In fact, many times the style can be all the more chic or rustic depending on the materials used.

Below are some great examples of eco friendly gift packaging ideas that use recycled fabric, paper or other items in stylish and creative ways.

1.  Felt gift bag with vintage button embellishment

felt gift bag by

I just made this felt gift bag with some scrap pieces of felt that I had on hand.  Recycling old buttons, for interesting embellishments, is also a great cost savings that doesn’t skimp on style.

2.  Brown gift bags embellished with packing paper flowers by Teddy Started It

paper gift bags

Paper flower gift bags by Teddy Started It

You can buy these brown paper bags in bulk pretty inexpensively but embellishing them is the key.  These bags were made eye catching with the pretty eco friendly flowers made from ordinary packing paper.

3.  Muslin Gift Bag and Clothespin

muslin gift bag

Muslin gift bag with clothespin clasp

I found this idea on Pinterest and just had to share it.  It looks super easy – the bag wasn’t even turned right side out after stitching!  It almost looks like a long piece was folded in half, stiched on the sides and then the top was cut with pinking shears so that it would not ravel.  I love the rustic look, especially with the clothespin clasp!  A cute embellishment tag was added by simply stamping another small square of muslin and tying it into place with a small section of twine.

4.  Newspaper Wrap by Country Living

newspaper gift wrap

Newspaper gift wrap by Country Living

Nothing is more recyclable than newspaper and the way this is presented, with the flower focal point, it looks like high end packaging!

5.  Fabric Wrap by Apartment Therapy

fabric gift wrap

Fabric gift wrap by Apartment Therapy

I like the idea of using fabric scraps for wrapping.  With all the unique patterns, you can really have some interesting design options to present.  If you only have plain fabrics, you can always paint or stamp a pattern onto the fabric like what was done here.

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Happy Crafting!

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