Eleven Unique DIY Wall Art Ideas

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If you are considering dabbling in a do it yourself project for home decor, wall art is a great place to start.  It is fairly easy to find inexpensive options for creating interesting pieces and if you don’t like how your project is turning out, you can either rework it or try something else without losing a big chunk of change.

Typically when you think of wall art, the first thing that comes to mind is a photo or painting.  However, I am going to show you several creative options using all types of different media and textures.  From nature to vintage finds and even throw away items, there are all kinds of great ideas for diy wall art.

This first idea is a little more traditional but it is so easy and looks great:

skeleton key photos
thrift store mirrors and skeleton key images by Live Love DIY

Everything for this ensemble was done inexpensively.  The mirrors were thrift store finds that were given a fresh look with white paint.  Simple white matted frames surround the mirrors.  The skeleton keys, in this example, were hand sketched.  However, you could easily find an image on-line and print it off.

I am a big fan of using old windows and just love the twist on this diy wall art:

old window picture frame
old window embellished picture frame by I Am Momma Hear Me Roar

When you can find an old window with lots of panes and the glass all in tact, you just have to use it to showcase pictures!  This project goes one step further by adding fun words and flowers.  Click on the photo to get the tutorial!

Some wall art is meant for fun and games:

magnetic scrabble board

magnetic scrabble board by The Twice Remembered CottageUse a section of sheet metal to create a fun magnetic board.  It gets even more interesting when you use Scrabble tiles as the magnets!  The oil rubbed bronze finish on the frame trim and the book pages adhered to the metal give a nice shabby chic style.

I also like this other take on Scrabble wall art:

scrabble wall art
Scrabble wall art by Lindell Austin

Just some wood squares, stencils and black paint can give you a very fun look!

If you want to create art on an entire wall, you may want to try a project like this:

fabric on walls
fabric on the walls by Numbered Street Designs

Although it looks like writing on the wall, it is actually fabric that has been applied with spray starch.  When you no longer want the design, the fabric simply peels off!

And remember I talked about wall art from throw away items?…..

diy wall art
diy wall cube shelf by Creme De La Craft

Can you believe that these snazzy wall cube shelves are made from none other than shoeboxes?  Quite affordable I’d say!

This next one is a project I can’t wait to try:

canvas collage
canvas reverse letters by Southern Belle Soul, Mountain Bride Heart

Mod podge an image to canvas like newspaper, a poster of any kind, wrapping paper, etc…Stick vinyl letters onto the paper to spell out a message.  Paint over the entire canvas in your desired color.  Let dry and then peel off the vinyl letters.

Another way to spell out a message is to use wooden letters:

diy wall art
wooden letters and canvas wall art by Inspiration For Moms

You can buy wooden letters and canvas at any craft store.  Painting the wall art all one color makes a very uniform design.

Or…..you can use large letters and spell out one word for your whole wall art:

diy wall art
dream wall art by Creative Home Arts Club

I love the rustic look of the plywood squares.  Large wooden letters are just applied to each plywood square and lined up to spell out the word “dream”.  You can decorate with stain, paint, paper and mod podge, or stamps.

license plate wall art
License plate wall art by Blissfully Domestic

I’ve been known to collect a few license plates!  This is a fun way to display them and create some interesting wall art at the same time.

And finally, it just doesn’t get any cooler than this:

diy wall art
diy lighted natural wall art by Shelterness

Decorating a canvas with branches, moss and lights is a great way to add natural texture and light to your home.

Happy Decorating!

I'm addicted to crafting and decorating my downtown city loft and up north rustic cabin.
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  2. Hello! What kind of chain did you use to string the license plates together to make your wall art? And how did you go about tieing it all together


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