End Of Summer Outdoor DIY Projects

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While it is still nice outside, it is a good time to think about sprucing up your home’s exterior.  After all, once Fall hits, not only does it get a little more if-y with the weather but schedules usually get a little more hectic.

Besides making any necessary repairs to decks and porches or taking care of lawn and garden maintenance, there are some simple ideas for outdoor diy projects that can be added to give some further curb appeal.

Here are some fun ideas to carry you right through the Fall and Winter season:

1. DIY Outdoor Porch Bench by Sawdust Girl

porch bench

DIY bench by Sawdust Girl

I love the idea of adding a bench to a front porch space, especially one that can be made so simply! Not only does the bench look great on it’s own but it make a fantastic stage for decorative pillows, flower pots, or other decor that can be switched out for the various seasons and holidays. Make sure to check out the link for the easy to follow and very detailed construction steps.

2.  Make a post to hang decorative signs.  Found on Wonderful Home Blog.

diy post

DIY post by Wonderful Home Blog

Here is another way to keep outdoor greetings fresh. A decorative post adds some nice flair along side the front door and makes it easy to change out the signs or wreaths as needed. This basic post would be easy to make with a 6×6 main post and 2×8 and 2×10 cut pieces to cap off the top. Then just paint and sand off the corners for a distressed look.

3.  Old Drawer Planter Boxes by My Repurposed Life

old drawer planter boxes

Old drawer planter boxes by My Repurposed Life

Of course, I think this idea is fantastic!  Since I love to repurpose things, what better idea than taking old drawers and turning them into decorative planters for outside. I am picturing filling them with flowers in the Spring and Summer, pumpkins and gourds in the Fall, and evergreens and poinsettias in the Winter……ahhh.

I hope you have been inspired to take advantage of these last couple of weeks of summer to spruce things up for the rest of the year!  Which of these outdoor diy projects would you be most likely to try?

Happy Decorating!

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