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Outside our cabin window seat, we created what we call a bird garden.  In this garden we made a rustic seating area to enjoy a glass of wine or have a picnic surrounded by nature.  Everything we used to create this seating area came from trees from our property, leftover building material, or vintage pieces that we purchased.

Our project started with the vintage porch swing.  We debated fixing it up and making it sturdy enough for hanging on our porch or underneath our deck.  However, in the end we decided to leave it naturally weathered and simply perched it on a couple of tree trunk sections with some screws for reinforcement.  It blends in quite naturally with the trees this way.

Of course we needed some tables as well for setting decorations or drinks.  The tree trunk sections work wonderfully for this need also.  You can’t get any simpler for the side tables.

rustic outdoor seating

I keep a colorful birdhouse, perched at one end, all spring and summer.  You can find the tutorial for making the birdhouse here.

The coffee table was easy to create to since I had a couple of panes of leftover tempered glass from our deck railing.  I used one of the panes to lay across two tree trunks for a nice long table.  This gives us plenty of space for a couple of bird feeders and a bottle of wine, glasses and a snack or two.

This bird feeder/bath was easy to make from a vintage plate and a vintage hose nozzle.  I simply attached the hose nozzle to the bottom of the plate a couple of drops of E6000 craft glue.

In addition to the two feeders on the table, we also have several bird feeders hanging around the seating area.  They are spread out a bit throughout the woods so that we have good viewing of the birds from wherever we are sitting inside or outside the cabin.

Unfortunately, the squirrels and chipmunks like to take advantage of all those feeders and are always around.  We have learned to embrace them and even have hung this in their honor:

But we didn’t stop there.   While shopping at an antique store, I found what used to be an ash tray, I believe.

This miniature tire makes a perfect tire swing for any of the squirrels that would like to join in our fun playground!  I know it’s a little corny but I couldn’t resist.

Now we not only have a peaceful place to sit and relax for a picnic but we also have all kinds of entertainment!

rustic outdoor seating

Happy Decorating!

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