Feature: Going Green With A Unique Planter Idea

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Spring is the time of year when you may start thinking about setting out some outdoor garden planters.

I just spent the day sprucing up the yard, patio and deck and then went shopping for flowers.  There were all kinds of ceramic planters for sale at pretty hefty prices too.

It kind of gets you thinking creatively on what you can use to plant your flowers or small gardens in!

The idea of reusing something that I already have is always a big plus for me!  That is why I am excited to bring you this feature.

I have re-purposed all kinds of things here, at Rustic Crafts & Chic Decor, but what I’m about to share is quite unique and re-uses something that I hadn’t thought of before.

Ann from Once Upon A Firefly shared this idea at my on-going link party.

A wheel rim used as a planter!  I absolutely love the industrial look of this.  Her son actually came up with the idea to grow lettuce in a re-purposed container as part of earth day.  Not only does it serve a great function, but it is environmentally friendly and looks great too!

Thank you Ann for the inspiration!

Does this get you thinking about other possible containers that you could use as a planter?  What kinds of things do you have on hand that might work?  Share your thoughts and ideas, I would love to hear from you!

Happy Re-purposing!

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  1. Great idea love trash to treasures

  2. Your title fooled me:) I totally expected one of your awesome birch containers.

    Can’t say that it’s unique but I once had a rusted out wheelbarrow that I planted flowers in. It lasted prolly 3-4 years before bottoming out.

  3. Thank you, Renee, for the feature. How exciting!

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