Easy DIY Decorative Birdhouses

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A fun project for any time of the year is making birdhouses. These DIY decorative birdhouses are easy to make and display inside or out.

Decorative Birdhouse Ideas

1. Use industrial pieces or charms to decorate

No matter what you use as the base for your birdhouse, the details are in the industrial pieces. I quickly made a couple of birdhouses with pine logs as the base. Instead of drilling holes for the birdhouse entry, I adhered industrial charms to the logs. If you don’t have logs, you can use any block of wood or even buy an unfinished birdhouse. I purchased the charms from Hobby Lobby but have also seen them at other craft stores.

diy decorative birdhouses

For the roofs I used a piece of thin metal for one and a decorative door hinge for the other.


diy decorative birdhouses

2. Decorate or make a birdhouse using license plates

Old license plates are easy to come by at antique stores, yard sales or even your own garage. I’ve used license plates an old signs as birdhouse roofs before. However, it would be a fun project to make a birdhouse entirely from license plates.

diy decorative birdhouses

These DIY birdhouses are fairly easy to make. It’s basically a matter of attaching the cut license plate sections to a wood frame. You will need a heavy duty pair of tin snips to cut the license plates. If you don’t want to make any cuts, then just use a license plate for the roof by bending it.

3. Decorate a birdhouse with wine corks for a log cabin look

I love wine cork crafts! There are so many fun things to make with them but my new favorite may be a birdhouse. Since the corks look like logs, it gives the birdhouse a rustic log cabin feel. This wine cork birdhouse is a perfect example.

diy wine cork birdhouse

In this example, the wine corks were glued to an existing unfinished birdhouse. You could also make a birdhouse completely out of wine corks. Working from the bottom up, glue your wine corks together with E6000 craft glue or hot glue. I would start with the floor, let it dry and then work on the walls. This video tutorial walks you through it.


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