Feature: Reuse Jars With A Special Painting Technique

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So many food items come in glass jars of varying shapes and sizes.  These make great containers for recycling into a new and decorative home accent.

I have covered jars in paper, with decoupage, and covered them with birch bark.  I have also painted them on the outside for a nice matte finish.

However, I had never tried the painting technique that The Latest Find used for creating a nice glossy and polished finish on her recycled jars.

She squirted paint into the jar and swirled it around making a nice coating to the inside.  This gave a nice glossy look from the outside and you never have to touch the painted surface!  I love this idea!

Here is a picture:

The pastel colors used here are perfect for the Spring.  See how she accomplished this whole look by checking out her tutorial.  The Latest Find also has a whole series on re-using glass jars that you will want to check out.

Re-using glass jars is a great way to inexpensively add some decorative accents to your home, especially when they turn out as beautiful as these jars did.

Happy Crafting!