Finished OSB Flooring Is A Great Inexpensive Option!

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Have you ever considered using osb as a finished floor option?  Yes, I know that it is rough construction product that doesn’t look so very pretty in it’s pre-finished state!

But, this board is strong and durable and the unique makeup of the strands creates a surprisingly nice design that really pops when finished.

When we built our cabin, we were looking for inexpensive options for….well everything!

We didn’t know of anyone who had finished the rough osb flooring before but we thought…why not?  If you have a vision, you might as well go for it!  The worse that could have happened is that we would have had to cover the whole thing up with flooring in the end but we figured it was worth the risk.

It does take a bit of elbow grease so we were hoping beyond hope that our little plan would work!

First we had to sand off the green lines that came painted on the sheets of osb.  I really think they should just leave those silly lines off the wood to begin with but what is one to do!  We rented a floor belt sander for a day and made quick work of eliminating….most..of the lines.  There are a couple of faded areas in inconspicuous spots that we just left for character lines..haha.

Once we finished sanding, we had to vacuum and sweep up all that dust!  Now the hardest part was over.

We used Varathane floor finish to protect the floors.  Using a painters pad with a long handle extension, we applied three very thick coats.  I mean VERY thick coats like puddles almost.  The osb will soak it up pretty good….especially the first coat.  It takes a while to dry between coats.  We ended up applying one coat at a time between the weekends that we were up working on the cabin.  As we left, each of the weekends, we applied a coat and went on our way.  So…I am not really sure how long it takes to dry.

I am very happy with the end result!  The floor is hard, smooth and shiny.  It holds up very well to all kinds of traffic too.  I would definitely do this again.

Here is a picture shortly after finishing the floor:

And here it is again after we had moved in and used the floor for a while: