Lots Of Ideas For Decorating With Ladders

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There is something about an old ladder or step stool that makes it just perfect for a decorating accessory.  Whether it is weathered wood or metal, most likely it will be full of character.  Plus, all of the rungs offer all kinds of design possibilities.

I have used an old metal ladder purely for decorative use, with it’s simple styling, to fill a wall space.  It would be easy to hang blankets or throws on this as well or use one in the bathroom for hanging towels.

decorating with ladders by

I have also used an old painters step ladder as a handy stool with storage shelves in our master bathroom.

decorating with ladders by

Here are some other ideas I found for decorating with ladders:

laundry room drying rack

Ladder laundry room drying rack by The DIY Village

I have to pull my drying rack out every time I need to use it.  This idea by The DIY Village for using a ladder attached to the ceiling is an awesome idea!

ladder bed canopy

A ladder bed canopy by Chipping With Charm

A bed canopy is a unique idea that can easily be pulled off with an old ladder.  Chipping With Charm shows just how to do it!

ladder birdbath

Ladder birdbath by Our Fairfield Home And Garden

For some whimsical outdoor decorating, a ladder makes a nice base for a homemade birdbath like this one by Our Fairfield Home and Garden.

I also love these adorable birdhouse stands:

ladder birdhouse stands

Ladder birdhouse stands by Our Fairfield Home and Garden

This next idea is really unique:

ladder in an archway

Ladder in an archway by Scapality

An archway is given a lot of decorative interest with an old and shabby ladder.  It also serves to hold other decorative items very nicely!

ladder display shelf

Ladder display shelf by The Inspired Room

Simply hang a small step ladder on a wall to use as a display shelf like this colorful idea by The Inspired Room.

ladder shoe storage

Ladder shoe storage by Home Polish

As if shoes can’t look any better, somehow they look even more styling when displayed on an old ladder.  Of course, I am loving the brick back drop as well!

ladder patio chandelier

Ladder patio chandelier by Unskinny Boppy

And finally, this Pottery Barn inspired patio chandelier is such a stylish way to use a ladder!  Check out the tutorial by Unskinny Boppy.

Happy Decorating!