Rustic Table Arrangements And Centerpiece Ideas

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Since nobody really seems to have a kitchen or dining room table sitting just there without at least a small candle or flower plopped at the center, I thought it would be fun to talk about table arrangements.  Whatever you decide to place at the centerpiece, helps to enhance the style of the room and can create a nice focal point.

Today’s focus is on rustic table arrangements and centerpiece ideas.  All of the ideas are perfect for any time of the year and are made up of a variety of different elements.  They range from industrial rustic to  more natural rustic but all of them are chic and stylish.

I have an industrial rustic centerpiece on our dining room table.  My husband welded together some salvaged metal to make a one of a kind candle holder.

rustic industrial centerpiece by rustic industrial centerpiece by

Here are some more ideas that I found:

1.  A mix of old and new, rustic chic table arrangement by Buckets Of Burlap

rustic chic table arrangement

Rustic chic table arrangement by Buckets of Burlap

Old bed springs, burlap and clay pots make a rustic backdrop for flowers and candles that is an interesting and eye catching design.

2.  Rustic bowl centerpiece idea by Country Living

rustic bowl centerpiece

Rustic bowl centerpiece by Country Living

A large wooden bowl can be filled with a variety of different items for an ever changing focal point.

3.  Crate and mason jar centerpiece idea by French Country Cottage.

crate and mason jar centerpiece

Crate and mason jar centerpiece by French Country Cottage

Using old crates as a base for centerpieces is one of my favorite ideas.  Filling one with mason jars for vases is also very popular and looks fantastic.  I had a crate that I was going to use for a centerpiece but ended up making it into a side table, in our dining room, instead.  I just used an old step ladder as the base:

diy ladder tray

You can see more details on how to make this at my DIY Tray Table post.  However, you can see how the crate could be used as a centerpiece.

4.  Another crate and mason jar centerpiece idea by Laurie Anna’s Vintage Home

crate centerpiece idea

Crate centerpiece idea by Laurie Anna's Vintage Home

Here is yet another crate and mason jar centerpiece idea but with this one the mason jars are lower in height than the crate so they are hidden.

5.  Rustic tin tub centerpiece idea by Brabourne Farm

tin tub centerpiece idea

Tin tub centerpiece idea by Brabourne Farm

And finally, a tin tub is another great container, for a centerpiece, that can be filled with different flowers or other items for a variety of looks.

I hope you have been inspired!

Happy Decorating!

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