Statement Kitchen Counters

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If you like a kitchen to stand out and really make a statement, a good place to start is with the counters. Besides flooring, the counters probably take up most of the real estate in the kitchen which means they have a pretty big impact on the entire room. My husband, Chuck, and I are currently trying to decide what we will put in our renovation house. I like kitchens that are rustic, chic or industrial. The house was built in 1905 so it has it’s own charm with the woodwork and some old cabinets that we hope to keep.

I also like white and bright. As I started looking around for some inspiration, I came across some counters that I really like and that could fit the bill rather nicely!


These concrete counters are a look that I love! In fact, we just did these in our condo. This is from the kitchen of Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upper. And below is the counter from our kitchen at 3 inches thick:


I’ve been very happy with my concrete counters but I am very careful with them. You cannot place anything hot on them…..which I have never been in the habit of doing anyway, even with granite. Also, they are supposed to scratch easier than granite. We haven’t had a problem so far but again I’m still a little afraid of them and treat them with kid gloves. I do think though that the nature of concrete is a little more rustic so a scratch or two maybe would enhance the look. I’m sure I will find out!

Another element I love is wood! So, butcher block counters are another favorite. I especially like butcher block with white cabinets and of course found some fantastic examples.


This example comes from Remodelista and shows how pretty the contrast of the warm wood and bright white look together, making a very appealing statement. As with most good things, the butcher block does require a little maintenance. The wood needs to be oiled occasionally to keep it from drying and also to help eliminate unwanted items to penetrate the wood. We have butcher block counters at our cabin and simply use mineral oil to maintain the counters. The mineral oil is inexpensive, food safe and does not turn rancid. Butcher block can be cut on, as you would expect, however I never cut on mine just because it is easier to clean a cutting board and I don’t want the scratches……personal preference.

For a little more unique look, that would work especially well for a kitchen island, think old doors! I love the idea of repurposing and using and old door as a counter offers a statement look that is not only eye catching but can also be very affordable. I found a fantastic example and tutorial for making a kitchen island with an old door top over at TC Designs.


I’m thinking we could do something like this, with a leftover door or two, that we have at our renovation house! Putting tempered glass on the top makes for easy clean up too.