Table Candle Centerpiece For Your Rustic Home

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Decorating a rustic cabin or home can be quite simplistic.  Most of the time, putting together arrangements of natural elements is all that is needed to enhance the features of your rustic decor.  Table centerpieces are a great example of a design accessory that you can put together yourself with a very little effort.

In our cabin above, the kitchen seating area is just a small little nook.  A big centerpiece would overwhelm the area so this was a perfect table to do a simple candle centerpiece made from birch logs.  The background of the brick wall offers a lot of color so the natural birch colors complement the setting well.

Craft Skill Level: moderate

Supplies Needed:

  • four birch log sections
  • a bundle of birch branches
  • one glass tea light holder
  • one tea light candle
  • beading wire
  • beads
  • round nose pliers
  • hot glue and gun
  • bark covered wire
  • wire snips
  • drill with circle cut drill bit and 1/4 inch drill bit (circle cut should be size of glass tea light holder)
  • miter saw

Candle Centerpiece Instructions:

  1. Cut four birch logs, with miter saw, the height that you want your centerpiece base to be.
  2. Drill a hole for the glass tea light holder into one of the logs with your drill and circle cut drill bit.
  3. Drill a 1/4 inch hole about two inches deep into the other three logs.
  4. Cut birch branches to fit in holes of three logs and end up at a finished height that you want your centerpiece to be.
  5. Insert branches into 1/4 inch holes.  They should fit in secure and tight but you can add a drop of tacky glue in the hole for extra security.
  6. Insert glass tea light holder and candle into the larger hole of the fourth log.
  7. Arrange your four logs in a grouping and secure with hot glue.
  8. Wrap a length of bark covered wire around the grouping and tighten at front by twisting in a knot.
  9. Take about a six inch section of beading wire and thread a couple of beads onto it, twisting around your round nose pliers between beads to hold in place.
  10. Wrap one end of this beaded section around the bark covered wire in front so that the beads hang down at the center of the birch log.

Once you are finished, you can either simply place the candle centerpiece at the center of your table or place it on a rustic round plate first.  If you are planning on lighting your candle, I would recommend setting the arrangement on a plate to protect your table surface from any wax drips.

I'm addicted to crafting and decorating my downtown urban loft and up north rustic cabin. Read more about me.

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