What To Do With Chalkboard Paint

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By now, most everyone has heard about chalkboard paint and many may even have created a basic chalkboard or two using this wonderful invention.  All it takes is a flat surface to paint on and you instantly have your very own handcrafted chalkboard.  It’s a fun way to get a unique look with an ornate frame or a rustic slab depending on the material you use.

However, there is so much more that you can do with chalkboard paint to create some interesting art work and fun projects.  If you have been wondering what to do with chalkboard paint, you have come to the right place!

I have found several cool projects that will inspire your creativity.

Here is a look at some of the best:

what to do with chalkboard paint

I actually took this photo during one of my visits to my daughter in New York.  It was made by one of her former room mates and I just loved the creativity!  The chalkboard table top was used for drawing and messages.  How cool is that?

chalkboard feature wall
Chalkboard feature wall by Hanna B. gradstudent

Why stop at a small chalkboard when you can do a whole feature wall?  The idea of having one entire wall as a chalkboard can be chic and stylish as well as a lot of fun to use.  It could be done in an entry way, kitchen, playroom or other family area.

chalkboard globe
Chalkboard globe by Mitzis Miscellany

This is a great way to repurpose an old globe and give it some new style.  The black paint looks nice and sleek and you can add any message with the crisp white chalk.  You could even outline the world, in white, to still have the globe affect in more of a chic style.

chalkboard clock
Chalkboard clock by Autostraddle

Tired of the usual numbers on a clock?  Create a chalkboard clock and draw your own symbols or symbol with chalk!

painted wine bottles
Painted wine bottles by Bellalimento

Painted wine bottles can be used in home decor and for a special event.  The chalkboard paint makes it possible to draw a message or design on with chalk to further personalize.

what to do with chalkboard paint
Add chalkboard paint to a dresser by Casa Sugar

Paint a dresser with chalkboard paint and then label the drawers with chalk for easy organization.  This works for not only in a bedroom but also in a kitchen like this fun example for dishes and linen storage.

what to do with chalkboard paint
Chalkboard painted stairs by Dream Home DIY

Make your stair risers pop with chalkboard paint!

And, of course, you can always use chalkboard paint as a base for labeling.  I used it on this large tin tub so I could label it for storage:

chalkboard paint label

Here is another example:

Chalkboard label
photo via Bright Nest

Have you painted anything unusual with chalkboard paint?  What are some unique ideas that you have?

Share your thoughts and ideas below.

Happy Decorating!

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