Repurposed DIY Projects For Home Decor

You wouldn’t believe all of the cool things you can make from old things! Because of that, I now have a hard time throwing anything out. There could be a perfectly good way to repurpose it. This collection of repurposed DIY projects will inspire you to start saving or maybe collecting fun vintage items.

Repurposed DIY Project Inspiration

Reuse Vintage Heat Registers

repurposed diy projects - heat register newspaper holder

This vintage heat register makes a decorative mail or newspaper holder. There are quite a variety of these vintage registers out there. Large ones can be hung from the ceiling and used as a pot rack. I used a heat register as a fun clipboard.

Repurpose Old Doors

repurposed diy projects - vintage door porch swing

Two vintage doors put together are the perfect size for a nice porch swing. Not only does this door porch swing provide a fun place to sit but it also adds warm character to the porch. Besides a porch swing, there are lots of ways to make furniture from old doors. Things like tables, headboards, and shelving units are just some of the ideas.

Save Your Cardboard Boxes

A cardboard box makes a nice storage container but it doesn’t look real pretty. However, if you cover the boxes in a canvas fabric and add handles from old belts, then you have a beautiful storage solution. These boxes turned totes look good enough to keep on display. For another look, try wrapping a box in twine and adding a fabric liner. It will look just like a basket.

Recycle Tin Cans

repurposed diy projects - recycled can planter

I have shown how to recycle tin cans for storage before. However, this fun idea with coffee cans makes pretty home decor. Who doesn’t want a fresh chic planter in their home? You could also decorate the plastic pots, that plants come in, in this same way.

A Little Trim Goes A Long Way

repurposed diy projects - scrap trim utensil holder

This pretty utensil holder was made from scrap trim pieces. It just goes to show that you can make something beautiful out of the little leftovers!

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  1. I like all your repurposed projects that you have pinned. Lots of great ideas. Following your board now (-;


    1. Thanks Linda! There are so many great ideas on Hometalk!

  2. I really like your ideas. So rustic and useful. Thanks. Alisa

  3. I also enjoy repurposing things. Great ideas, will check out the web sight. Thanks

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