A Round Up Of Unique Rustic Decor Ideas That Will Blow Your Socks Off

I am always looking for unique ways to decorate in a rustic chic style that will grab a person’s attention and keep them talking about it at length. Those decorating ideas that you don’t necessarily see in every home on the block. Fortunately, I have found several super cool, over the top, mind blowing unique rustic decor ideas that will be sure to capture the interest of the rustic decorating enthusiast.

Unique Rustic Decor Ideas

To start with, what do you get when you combine an old window, a boxed out frame, and leftover stair spindles?  Can you visualize it?

Coffee Table Made With Recycled Parts

rustic window coffee table

It’s a fun rustic chic coffee table! I love the fact that the window top lifts up for storage display inside the table box. This is made primarily from a vintage windows and old stair spindles. What a great way to recycle! I know where I can get several windows like these. Now if I could only find old drawers in the exact dimensions of the windows…..

This next idea is something that I will definitely do. I actually thought that I had already come up with all of the possible uses for using branches in the home. However, it hadn’t occurred to me before to do this next idea and it is so simple.

Branch Ladder Photo Display

branch ladder photo display

SOURCE: Creative Ambitions

Most of the time that I see ladders in homes they are vintage ladders and are used to store throws. This ladder is unique in that it is made from rustic branches and it is used to display pictures. Since you don’t see this typically, it is a great example of a unique rustic decor idea.

A Unique Pantry Door

How about replacing a normal average door in your house with an old vintage door with tons of character? That’s just what done here with this pantry room door.

screened pantry door

SOURCE: This Old House

I have seen several vintage doors used in rustic decorating. Either as replacement doors or as decor accessories. In fact, you can see several examples at my post about furniture made from old doors. However, I have never seen a vintage screen door incorporated into a replacement pantry door. This door is one of my favorite unique rustic decor ideas. It makes seeing into a pantry a breeze. What a great way to get instant character!

Hang A Rustic Candle Holder From The Ceiling

unique hanging candle holder

SOURCE: Desire To Inspire

Most candle holders are set on tables or shelves. I don’t see too many hanging from the ceiling. Talk about unique! It makes a decorative hanging accent that adds a glow to a room. If you have a welder, you could create a hanging tray like this one out of metal. Otherwise, you could also make something out of wood and maybe hang it from some rustic chain. A chain coming up from each of the four corners of a wood tray attached to four hooks from the ceiling should work perfectly!

Tin Pot Pendant Lights

unique rustic pendant light

SOURCE: Country Living

There is so much that I love about this setting! The wood table and the metal stools are perfect rustic touches for a country kitchen. However, the highlight is actually above the table. These pendant lights are made from twisted wire and old tin pots! Would you have guessed? You can make unique rustic lights from just about anything. See my kitchen pendant light that I made from a vintage sifter.

What was your favorite rustic decor idea? Would you consider trying any of these? Do you have some unique decorating ideas that you would like to share? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. awesome window table! i have an old stained glass window that would really be pretty!

  2. i’m in love with the window frame table! i have several old windows, (even a square one with stained glass butterflies!!!) .

  3. what kind of door is it and where did you find it?

  4. OMG, love that door! And the kitchen worktable!
    The hangling candles are a really cool idea but it looks more Industrial to me.
    Great Inspirations!

    1. I’m glad you liked them Tee! That door was one of my favorites too. Now I’m going to be on the search for cool vintage doors!

  5. I love it. What a great way to take the usual and make it totally ‘unusual’. Great job!

    1. Thanks Karen! I’m glad you liked the ideas.

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