A Roundup Of Fun Bottle Cap Crafts

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There is such a wide variety of crafts that you can make with bottle caps.  From magnets and thumbtacks to necklaces and rings, there is pretty much some kind of trinket for every-one’s interest.  Even the styling can range from rustic to funky and everything in between.

Magnets are a pretty popular craft item and this first project is one that I have put a rustic twist on.  I used sand, stone and a little epoxy to fill the hollow of the cap.  The jagged metal frame of the bottle cap already has a rustic look to it.  You can see the full tutorial for instructions on making the magnets as well as the magnet board.

Can you guess what this cool looking bowl is made from?  It is made up entirely from the plastic inserts that are found inside the coke bottle caps.  How cool is that?  This has to be the most unique recycled bottle cap craft project that I have seen.  Check out the full tutorial by zakka life to see all of the details on this masterpiece.

I love the simplicity and cuteness of these bottle cap earrings by Craftbits.  This project is pretty much just assembling the jewelry parts and finding a unique pair of bottle caps.  I have not seen this brand before but I love the pink!

How about simply just putting together some funky art?  What a great way to dress up a plain picture frame.  This idea by Craft-princess.blogspot.com is a wonderful way to display your favorite drinks, recycle your caps and make a colorful and funky picture frame that really stands out.

Here, bottlecaps are used to make the flowers and decorate the vase.  This artsy and whimsical arrangement just has to bring a smile with it’s styling.  The design was inspired by Art Of Green Recycling.  She also has a great trivet design using the same flowers.

If you haven’t already been saving your bottle caps, you may want to start now.  Not only can you have fun trying one of these fun crafts but you will also be recycling and making use of something that would otherwise just be thrown away.

Maybe one of these ideas has inspired you to come up with your own idea.  If so, leave a comment letting us know about it!


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