DIY Rustic Christmas Decorations

If you are going for a warm and cozy feel this Christmas, you may want to consider decorating with some handmade rustic decor. Not only is DIY Christmas decor homey and nostalgic, but often it’s a more affordable way of decorating. This collection of rustic Christmas decorations will get you well on your way to having that cozy Christmas. Whether you are decorating inside or outside, there should be an inspiring DIY project for you.

DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

Not only are these DIY ideas for Christmas decorating inspiring, but they also have other advantages. Some of the projects use common household items for creating beautiful Christmas decor. Others offer solutions when traditional ways of decorating are not possible. All of them are unique.

Large Rustic Christmas Wreath DIY

DIY rustic Christmas wreath

TUTORIAL: Homemade Ginger

I love DIY projects that use or repurpose unusual items. This rustic but elegant large wreath is made with a hula hoop! All of the twine crisscrossed throughout adds a nice rustic touch. For more wreath ideas, see how you can dress up an artificial Christmas wreath.

Make A Rustic Stocking Out Of A Dish Towel

diy rustic dish towel stocking

TUTORIAL: Seeking Lavender Lane

Rustic Christmas decorations can come from some ordinary items. This rustic stocking was made from a dish towel! Because the pattern on the dish towel is reminiscent of a grain sack, the look is warm and vintage inspired. Another fun idea is to use old flannel shirts for making a stocking. Not only will the stockings look homey and rustic, but it’s a great way to repurpose an old shirt.

Make Your Own Rustic Stocking Holder

diy rustic stocking holder

TUTORIAL: Home Depot Blog

For those of us who don’t have a fireplace mantel, there is still hope for hanging stockings! This DIY ladder, with hooks, is one fun idea. Another idea is to hang stockings from a vintage window frame.

DIY Rustic Acorn Christmas Garland

diy rustic acorn Christmas garland

TUTORIAL: Scratch and Stitch

Rustic garlands are fun to put together and using items from nature is a great way to warm up a tree. For another fun look, try this rustic birch branch garland.

Save Space And Make A Rustic Christmas Tree For The Wall

DIY rustic wall Christmas tree

TUTORIAL: Free People

If you are short on space, there is no reason why you still can’t have a lighted Christmas tree. This rustic tree for the wall is a perfect solution. Even if you have room for a traditional Christmas tree, this wall art would still make a nice addition. Of course, you could also make a tabletop Christmas tree out of pine cones.

DIY Wooden Truck With Tree For Outside

diy rustic Christmas truck with tree for outside

TUTORIAL: Red Cottage Chronicles

Vintage trucks carrying trees are so popular to decorate with for the holidays. This large wooden truck will make quite the cheerful statement sitting in your front yard.

Make An Adorable Reindeer From Logs

diy rustic reindeer from logs

TUTORIAL: Designer Trapped

This may be one of my favorite rustic Christmas decorations to make! And, the reindeer is easier to make than what you might think. It’s such an adorable Christmas decoration for your yard or porch and it is pretty much free to make. Other than the nose, all of the materials are from nature. And, have you guessed that the nose is made from a Christmas ornament? Even if you don’t have any red ornaments on hand, chances are that you have an ornament of some color. All you need to do is paint it red!

DIY Rustic Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

diyr rustic pallet wood christmas tree

TUTORIAL: Thinking Closet

Wooden pallets are hugely popular in DIY rustic decor. It only makes sense that there would be rustic Christmas decorations made from them as well. This rustic pallet Christmas tree is a perfect example.

More Rustic Christmas Decorations That You Can Make

Make a rustic Christmas wall hanging out of vintage collectibles. You can be very creative with things that you already have collected. Vintage blocks or old Scrabble letters can spell out Christmas words. Just add some Christmas greenery or red berries to a rusty metal item and you have instant rustic Christmas decor!

Use vintage sheet music to make warm and nostalgic Christmas ornaments. Yellowed and worn paper is good to use in creating rustic decor. If you don’t have vintage sheet music, then old book pages work just as well.

Make a rustic candy cane ornament. A clothes hanger and some bark covered wire are all you need to make this rustic ornament. You can either decorate the Christmas tree with them or use one to adorn a gift package.

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  1. Wonderful ideas Renee!

    May all your Christmas’ be white and….
    rusty 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for including my barbed wire star! I have been digging this stuff up from the old fence rows here on the farm and was glad to put it to good use.

    Happy Holidays!

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