An Industrial Bedroom Makeover

When it was time to give my teenage son’s bedroom a more grown up look, I decided to switch from a sport’s theme to a more generic rustic industrial look. Previously his walls were a deep basketball orange that could have actually crossed over to a rustic look but they needed to be repainted anyway. It was time for an industrial bedroom makeover.

Here is a before picture:

basketball orange bedroom

This is actually an after clearing out and cleaning before picture!  A true before picture had piles of….stuff….all over the floors and posters on the walls and broken blinds hanging crooked…..

Anyway…since I really wanted to incorporate a lot of industrial pieces, I thought painting the walls a shade of gray would be just the ticket.  Home Depot carries Behr paint, which I like, and I picked a shade called Silver Hill.

The new wall color had a way of instantly calming the room.  It also made a nice back drop for the rustic metal and wood.

industrial bedroom by

This desk is an antique passed down to us from my father in law.  It had a lot of scratches and discoloration on it.  I thought about painting it but in the end decided to just sand it quite heavily in spots to even further distress it.  The sanding at least made it look uniformly distressed and I finished it off with wax.

I don’t know what the metal contraption is leaning against the desk but I just think it looks cool.  We picked it up from a metal scrap yard.  The bookend on the desk is made from a gear.  Here is a closer look:

gear bookend by

My husband just welded the gear to two other metal pieces.

I picked up the two tool chests from an antique store.  The industrial style chair is from Home Goods and I was lucky enough to get that on clearance!

You can see through to his little bathroom where I added some industrial pieces as well.  The wood setting on the toilet tank is from a pallet and the cabinet is another item from Home Goods.

industrial bathroom accessories by
industrial towel clips by

I picked up a couple sets of these towel clips from Target.

industrial bedroom by

I did the same sanding treatment with this dresser.  The metal pieces leaning on and laying across the dresser are vintage model airplane wings.  I bought these from an antique store just because I liked how they looked.  My husband made the coat tree or hat rack and the birch curtain rod.

industrial bedroom by

This is the nightstand table that I made over a while back for this room.  I ended up tweaking the colors on it because I originally thought I was going to want it to be black.

industrial bedroom by

A deer skin and a vintage air plane warm up this corner.

industrial bedroom by

So that’s it!  A rustic industrial bedroom that’s pretty simple and soothing.

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  1. Do you have a link to those towel clips in the bathroom? Please let me know how to find them. Thank you.

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