Burlap Crafts That Are Easy To Make

Burlap is such a wonderful fabric to work with.  The texture and warm color options make it a perfect accent fabric to use in a rustic or shabby chic decorating style.  Another big plus is that it’s fairly inexpensive to buy.  You can purchase burlap by the yard for around $3 and if you have a coupon from Joann Fabrics you may have just saved 50%!

So now that you know that you want to use burlap, how do you incorporate it into your home decor?  I have plenty of burlap crafts to help get you started.

Burlap Crafts

Bin Labels

I’ll start with a real simple idea I had for making burlap labels for some galvanized tin tubs that I had.

burlap craft ideas by rustic-crafts.com

All I did was cut a square of burlap and decoupaged it onto the tin tub.  I then “labeled” it by spelling out the word with vintage buttons.  For this particular tub, I made a generic label of “joy” to use at Christmas.  I use it by the fireplace to keep birch logs in.  You can see more details for this project here.

Here are some more burlap craft ideas that I found.

Burlap Owl Christmas Ornament

burlap craft ideas
Burlap owl by Flea Market Trixie

I happen to love birds and owls and think this would be a perfect ornament to put on a tree.

Burlap Bins

burlap craft ideas
Burlap bins by A Diamond In The Stuff

Decorative storage bins are always a nice thing to have and these bins covered with burlap are both easy to make and super chic.

Burlap Wreath

burlap craft ideas
burlap wreath by Confessions Of A Plate Addict

So simple, chic and fantastic!  I love this wreath and can’t believe how easy it is to put together!

Burlap Monogrammed Memo Boards

burlap craft ideas
burlap memo boards by monica wants it

A more stylish version of a memo board!

What have you made with burlap?  Share your ideas in the comments below!



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