Centerpiece Ideas Without Flowers

Although floral centerpieces are pretty and fresh, there are other ways to make your table stand out in a unique way. These centerpiece ideas without flowers use a variety of unique materials.

How To Make A Centerpiece Without Flowers

5 Tips For Creating A Centerpiece

  1. Incorporate some color to coordinate with your room.
  2. Use items with interesting texture.
  3. Add height to your display.
  4. Layer multiple items for added interest.
  5. Use objects that appeal to your style.

Centerpiece Ideas Without Flowers

The centerpiece ideas shown are all very unique and use some unusual items. Some of these ideas may spur on a new idea for you. Think of a favorite collection that you might have at home. Almost anything can be put together in a stylish way.

Use A Combination Of Wooden Balls

centerpiece ideas without flowers

Since wooden balls are a popular vase filler, I figured they would also make an interesting centerpiece. To make this centerpiece, I used a combination of vintage croquet balls and other decorative balls. I like different patterns and neutral colors. However, I threw in a bit of yellow to add a little cheeriness.

Put Together A Collection Of Paintbrushes

paintbrush centerpiece idea

Paintbrushes in a centerpiece is a fun and quirky idea. All of the different textures, colors and heights add a lot of interest.

A Farmhouse Brown Egg Centerpiece

brown egg centerpiece

This light and airy brown egg centerpiece is perfect for a farmhouse table. Use artificial eggs for a centerpiece that lasts.

Vintage Clock Centerpiece Idea

vintage clock centerpiece

Old clocks placed in a decorative urn can look very elegant in a centerpiece.

Collect Branches For A Centerpiece

branch centerpiece

A vase filled with branches makes an elegant centerpiece for your table. For a more colorful look, paint the branches in your favorite accent color or colors. They can also be combined with stones at the bottom for an added layer.



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