Cereal Box Crafts That Look Anything But!

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I am a huge fan of recycled crafts!  Anything that you can make from a throw away item… and make it look classy to boot… is special in my book.

One item that pretty much every household will have on hand, at some point, is an empty cereal box.  These make a perfect craft material for several fun projects.

A larger size cereal box is just right for a paper organizer or magazine holder.  I made this one for my own office by covering it with newspaper and painting the inside with a gray metallic paint.

The addition of some twine and an old key made it look somewhat vintage and fun for an office accessory.  I never think about the fact that the box once housed a supply of Honeycomb cereal!

There are lots of other cool things that you can make with these boxes that are decorative and useful.

Here are some of the highlights:

Yea!  Really!  These fantastic lighthouses are actually made from cereal boxes!  Angie over at Burton Avenue came up with this idea and I just love it.

I also love this beautiful gift bag by Colleen at Clever Nesting.  Who says you can’t make a bag out of a box?!

These storage bins made from cereal boxes are so bright and cheery!  Once again, who would have thunk?  This cheery design came from The Urban Nest.

Oh My!  Even a lantern!  This is amazing and most certainly puts the wow factor into a cereal box craft.  Nike at Thrive gives detailed instructions on how to make these.

These gorgeous beads made by Jayfa Jewellry are actually made from a box of Cheerios!  The strips of cardboard were rolled and varnished into this beautiful bead necklace.  Check out the blog to see exactly how this was done.



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  1. I love to see such creative and unique ideas using common materials! Thanks for gathering them all together and sharing.

    1. You’re welcome! This was a fun collection to come up with. I couldn’t believe the unique things that could be made with an ordinary cereal box!

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