Cereal Box Craft: Trendy Paper Holder

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Crafts from recycled materials are some of my favorite crafts to make.  This particular craft uses an empty cereal box, some newspaper and a couple of old keys for the recycled parts.  Just a couple of extra materials are needed to complete this fun and trendy magazine or paper holder.

Of course the box could also be covered with fabric scraps, burlap, leftover wrapping paper, wall paper, magazine pages or any craft paper you may have on hand.  And, if you don’t have keys, the embellishments can range from anything you have in your junk drawer to something more elaborately made.

You could decorate with fabric or paper flowers, buttons, lace, beads or even bottle caps.  The choice is completely yours.

I chose to cover the cereal box with newspaper because I liked the simplicity of the design and the neutral black and white.  I didn’t want any pictures in my design, just words.

In keeping with the simple design, I chose to embellish the box with just a set of two old keys tied with jute and black string.  Again, the color of the keys and string are very neutral.

This cereal box craft project is fairly easy to do in a short amount of time.  To get a look like the pictured project, the directions are as follows:

Items Needed:

  • cereal box (I used a large Honeycomb)
  • newspaper
  • a couple of old keys
  • two pieces of 12 x 12 craft paper
  • decoupage (I use Mod Podge matte finish)
  • paint brush
  • jute string (about 42 inches)
  • black embroidery string (about 20 inches)
  • tacky glue
  • scissors

Cereal Box Craft Directions:

First, cut away the flaps from the top of the box.   At one of the narrow ends, measure six inches up and draw a straight line.  At the other narrow end, measure out from the back toward the front about 3 1/4 inches on both sides.  Now draw a diagonal line from that point to your six inch up point on the short end.  Do this on both sides.  Cut the box to form your paper holder as shown.

Start cutting out sections of newspaper and decoupage them to your box using Mod Podge matte finish decoupage.  Using a medium size paint brush, brush some of the Mod Podge onto the box first.  Next apply it to the back of the newspaper and set the paper in place.  Now brush another layer of Mod Podge to the top of the newspaper.  It will look shiny when it is wet.  Continue doing this with all of your pieces, lining them up in a nice pattern with just a little overlap.

This picture shows how it looks when it is partially dry.  The last piece put on was the one right above the World of Wine.  You can see that it looks a little bubbly.  It will flatten when it is totally dry, like the rest.

The inside edges will look like this when you are finished with the newspaper, which isn’t too pretty!  You will now want to finish the inside with a layer of craft paper.  I chose a shimmery silver craft paper to coordinate with the newspaper print.

Lay the box onto the craft paper, with the paper facing up, and draw an outline for your cutting edge.  Cut out the paper and decoupage it into the inside of the box.   Cut out sections for the other side as well as the two narrow sides and repeat the process of decoupaging.

Put a bead of tacky glue around the edge and trim out the box with a section of jute string.  This glue dries nice and fast so it is easy to press the string in place and have it stay.

The last thing to do is to cut a section of jute string about 20 inches long and two section of black embossing string the same length.  Tie your two keys, by a key ring, to the middle, and wrap the rest of the string around to the back.  Secure the string in place with a knot and cut any access string.   Secure the string in place with a bead of tacky glue at the front and back knots.

cereal box craft

cereal box craft

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