Christmas Candle Centerpieces To Make

Candle arrangements are extra warm and cozy at Christmas time. A warm glow combined with some sparkle and Christmas colors makes such a festive centerpiece. Because of this, I came up with a collection of Christmas candle centerpieces that are easy to put together.

Ideas For Christmas Candle Centerpieces

Christmas candle centerpieces

Epsom Salt “Snow” Candles

Christmas candle centerpieces with epsom salt snow

TUTORIAL: Dansle Lake House

A super easy idea is to fill a mason jar with epsom salt to look like snow. Then, simply top with your favorite candle. Mix these candles in with colorful cranberry and cedar centerpieces for a beautiful glowing table.

Make A Rustic Christmas Yule Log Centerpiece

Christmas candle centerpiece

SOURCE: Yesterfood

Although a single log candle holder makes a pretty display, a long log with several drilled holes for tea lights is perfect for a table. You can make it decorative for Christmas by adding some festive color and sparkle. Just arrange greenery, red berries, pine cones and ornaments around the log for beautiful rustic Christmas candle centerpieces.

Glued Taper Candles

Christmas candle centerpiece with glued taper candles

TUTORIAL: The Painted Hinge

If you don’t want to drill holes for tea light candles, then just glue taper candles to a log. The candle bottoms on this centerpiece were cut flat so that they were easy to glue to the log. Then, the log was decorated for a festive Christmas display.

Make A Candle Centerpiece Using An Old Pallet

Christmas candle centerpieces with pallets

TUTORIAL: A Night Owl Blog

Another rustic idea is to use a pallet to hold your Christmas candles. The pallet planter gets dressed up with the candles, greenery, and sparkly picks. You could also use an old crate for a similar look.

Add A Collection Of Candles To A Bowl Of Ornaments


A bowl of ornaments and garlands takes on a warm glow when candles of various sizes are added. I love this bowl full of candles and glitz.  This would be a great way to make use of some of those extra ornaments and garland, that you have laying around, too! Think of all of the different looks you can get depending on the colors of the ornaments and candles.

Rustic Bowl Candle Centerpiece

rustic bowl Christmas candle centerpiece

SOURCE: Jennifer Rizzo

For a more rustic look, use a dark wooden bowl and fill it with lots of greenery. You can still get some sparkle from just a few glittery decor items.

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