Combining Burlap and Birch For Chic Decor

When it comes to pairing elements together in decorating, there are some things that are just meant to go together like peanut butter and jelly. One such pairing, that is my all time favorite, is burlap and birch. Both have similar neutral coloring and interesting textures. The rustic blending is a natural fit in decorating.

Besides placing burlap and birch next to each other, like this birch basket on the burlap table runner, there are lots of other ideas for combining the two. I’ll show you some creative crafts and DIY projects that work with both.

burlap and birch ideas

How To Combine Burlap And Birch

Accessorize With Burlap Garland

birch and burlap vase

You can tie burlap garland around a stack of birch logs for a fun look. Or, make a burlap vase and tie a little garland around the neck. To make your own burlap vase, check out my post on turning a wine bottle into a rustic birch vase. However, if you don’t have birch bark handy, you can always paint a vase to look like birch bark.

Usually a birch log candle holder is left plain. However, if you want to make it a little more shabby chic, then add some burlap too it. I just glued a strip of burlap around the center and then added a doilie and burlap flower.

burlap and birch candle holder

This would be a simple table decorating idea for a rustic chic wedding.

Make A Rustic Chic Table

burlap and birch table

SOURCE: Real Simple

This is such a cute kids table with the birch legs and burlap top!  I would use something like this as an accent table in a big kids room! Just cover a wood round in burlap and then add the log legs.

shabby chic wreath

SOURCE: Lu Bird Baby

I love this birch and burlap wreath by Lu Bird Baby. It was made as a Christmas wreath but since it is so neutral could really be used all year long.

Use The Rustic Combo In Napkin Rings

burlap napkin ring with branch button

Not only does the bark go well with burlap, but the actual wood slice does too. Create napkin rings out of burlap and then attach a rustic wood button to the center.

Here is a little more inspiration.

A Rustic Chic Tablescape Idea

burlap and birch tablescape
SOURCE: Save On Crafts
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  1. wow, it’s beautiful – great job!

  2. Girl, you and your dang birch projects 🙂 You do so many wonderful things with them. I often find myself looking for white trees (rare around here) while driving down the road. Not sure what I’ll do if I ever find one.
    Knock-Knock: Pardon me, could I shave your tree for one of Renee’s projects?
    Ring-Ring: Hi hubby, can you come get me out of the nut ward….again!

    1. Hahahah….you are too funny! There are people/stores that sell birch too.. all cut and dried and everything!

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