Rustic Birch Wine Bottle Craft

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I hate to throw out wine bottles to the recycle bin – especially ones that once held a favorite fine wine. Quite often, I save the labels, from a particular bottle of wine that I especially like, to put in my wine journal. But what to do with the bottle? Some are so decorative in the styling and may even have the producer’s logo embossed in the glass. A wine bottle craft was a must.

One idea I came up with was to make bark vases out of birch bark. You get the rustic styling with the birch bark and the elegance from the shape of the wine bottle. If you want to keep part of the glass open, if it is embossed, it is simple to just glue the birch around the embossed area.

If you have access to an area of woods with birch trees, then finding birch bark is pretty easy. You wouldn’t want to take bark from a live tree but fallen trees are a perfect resource. Quite often the wood inside has already started to pull away from the bark, making it very easy to peel. You can also buy birch bark from various retailers. Just do a search on-line and you will find several places.

Make sure to carefully brush off any loose dirt or debris if you are using your own birch bark.

This wine bottle craft is a little time consuming but I think it is well worth it in the end.

Skill Level: Moderate

Materials Needed:

  • empty wine bottle
  • birch bark
  • hot glue

wine bottle peeled bark


Step 1: Peel any labels off of the wine bottle. Wash bottle and dry thoroughly.

Step 2: Peel sections of birch bark as thin as possible. Try to get all of the brown layer off of the bark as shown in the partially peeled section of bark, above. The thinner the bark is, the easier it is to work with and wrap. Your fingernails will be in sorry shape when you are through but it should be worth it in the end!

Step 3: Starting from the bottom of the bottle, glue a strip of bark around the circumference. Continue adding pieces artistically to try and get the finished piece to look as natural as possible. Let some of the thin ends curl just a little in some places.

Step 4: If you are going to leave part of the decorative glass open, use extra care around this area so that the edges of the bark look like natural endings. In my example, I left the producer logo showing. The wine was a Stag’s Leap, so the logo was a deer. This would be offset perfectly with the birch bark. If you would like, you can spray the finished vase with a satin finish polyurethane spray to give it a little sheen.

Step 5: You can twist a little birch bark covered wire around the top of the wine bottle for a little extra flair. This type of wire can be found at most craft stores. Another idea is to just tie some raffia around the top.

Step 6: Now just fill your new vase with your favorite floral picks! Just a few are all that is necessary.


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  1. Wow! This is really cool, I love it. So unique. I got to find me some birch bark. I want one. Thank you for sharing this wonderful project.

    1. I’m glad you like it! I like to cover as much as possible in birch bark 🙂

  2. Beautiful idea but I have a concern. Can you please add that you can not peel the bark from a live birch, you open the tree to infection and infestation. Thank you

    1. Thanks for your comment. I restated my sentence to hopefully make that clearer :).

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