Cottage Bedroom Ideas & Unique Sleeping Nooks

A cottage or cabin is often times smaller than your actual home but can require more sleeping space to accommodate extra guests. You will want to make the most of your bedroom space as well as other areas of your cottage to fit in as much sleeping room as possible. The trick is to maintain a stylish looking cottage with sleeping nooks that fit right in to the decor and bedroom ideas that are seamless.

I found several ideas that offer cozy tucked away sleeping areas that remain fluid with a rustic cottage decor style. Most of the nooks offer a dual purpose during the day for sitting and reading or just relaxing.

Some of the cottage bedroom ideas give space saving solutions to allow for the maximum amount of per person sleeping. Others just help you to make the most of the typical small rooms in a cottage or cabin.

There are so many ways to make small spaces work. I think you will be inspired by the following designs!

Cottage Bedroom Ideas

Use Twin Beds To Maximize Options

SOURCE: Redesigned Interiors.

One idea, for a small bedroom, is to put in two twin beds instead of a double or queen. The beds can be used by two children, two separate adults or the beds could be pushed together for a couple. The chic beachy style of the room works for anyone!

Hang A Bed From A Wall

SOURCE: Rover Homes.

This is such a cool idea that saves a little space by hugging the walls. The design allows for some nice storage underneath the beds as well. I love the rustic beachy feel with the nautical rope and wood accents.

Create An Outdoor Feeling

SOURCE: Brave Home Design.

Here is just a cool airy design for a small bedroom space. The natural elements make you feel like you are sleeping outside!

Unique Sleeping Nooks

Use Dual Purpose Furniture

SOURCE: Busy Boo

I have to look twice at this one to realize that it doubles as a bed! It fits in with the decor perfectly and looks just like a regular piece of furniture. We did something similar in our cabin with a large window seat. I made a thick seat cushion for it that is comfortable for sleeping and with the seat being eight feet long it fits our tallest guests!


Maximize Sleeping Space

Small built in sleeping nook idea by vrbo.

A built out wall was put to maximum use as a small sleeping nook in this cottage bedroom. This would be just right for a small child which would leave a larger bed available for someone else.

SOURCE: Content In A Cottage

Because of the fresh design, I want to recreate this setting in my cabin somehow! I love all of the white wood and the cozy nook it creates.
Hopefully, you have been inspired by these ideas!

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  1. I love all of your ideas! I’m glad to be able to look at what you have done, and find a way to do it myself. THANK YOU!!!

  2. Loving that white enclave to sleep in. You’d be amazed what you can sleep on/in.
    When I was trucking with hubby for awhile he just had one twin bed in the truck. We slept end to end with the dog on bed with us. He just had to be very sure to wash his feet and wear clean socks. lol. Was warmer in winter also.
    All those ideas are so cozy looking. When you’re someplace like that you’re just glad to be there, can sleep almost anywhere.

    1. That is so true! I can’t imagine those sleeping arrangements in the truck – sounds warm though!

  3. Something about a white bedroom is soooo peacefilled.

    1. I totally agree!!!

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