Crafting With Old Board Games

How many times have you opened up a board game to play only to find that half of the games pieces are missing? It may seem like the game is now useless but before you throw it in the trash, consider some of these fun recycled crafts that you can try. You may be surprised that crafting with old board games can create some decorative home decor.

It’s popular to use letter tiles from games like Scrabble in craft projects. I have even used letter tiles from a more vintage game to make fun gift tags. However, there are some other ideas out there that you may have never considered. I had fun putting together this playful collection of craft tutorials that I think you are going to enjoy.

How To Use Old Game Boards In Home Decor

There are lots of decorative ways to use old game boards, or even entire games, in decorating. These ideas will inspire you to get out those old games that you have been storing!

Hang A Whole Game On The Wall For Playing

I found this Scrabble game from Tubibu that hangs on the wall for casual playing.

vintage scrabble wall game

I love this idea. But with a price tag of $249, I would prefer to make my own. Luckily, this isn’t hard to do. You can make your own magnetic Scrabble game for the wall in a few different ways.

1. Use A Scrabble Print And Make Your Own Frame

diy magnetic scrabble game

SOURCE: Our DIY Adventures

This particular DIY Scrabble game is made entirely from scratch. The Scrabble board is actually a print. The frame and tile holders can be made by following the tutorial.

To make your own, you can get the Scrabble board images to print from Quirky Artist Loft. You have the choice of printing off four different 8×10 sheets that can be easily pieced together. Or, you can have it printed at Staples or another printing service in one large piece.

2. Use A Real Scrabble Board

Another option is to use a real Scrabble board that has been magnetized. You basically attach sheet metal to the back of the Scrabble board. Make sure that you attach strong enough magnets to your letter tiles so that they work through the board. You can either use a piece of sheet metal that is the size of your board or use a larger piece for a magnetic border.

3. Frame The Scrabble Board Or Print In An Old Picture Frame

It makes a lot of sense to repurpose an old frame for this project. Depending on the size of your frame, you can make the border around the frame a size to fit. You have the option of keeping the sheet metal border as is or covering with paint or paper. A fun idea is to cover the border with newspaper as seen in this post about crafts that are all fun and games. Or, paint the steel border with chalkboard paint for keeping score or writing notes.

More Ideas For Crafting With Old Board Games

Make A Game Board Side Table

crafting with game boards - game board side table

SOURCE: The Sassy Crafter

What a fun way to upcycle an old table. This table was purchased from a flea market and then given some fun style by attaching the game board to the top of it. You can use it purely as a decorative piece or actually play the game on it.

Frame Those Vintage Games

vintage game board displayed in shadow box

SOURCE: Second Chances By Susan

Crafting with old board games can be as simple as displaying them in a wall frame. You can also go one step further and display the game board along with some of the pieces in a shadow box. This is a fun way to preserve and admire those vintage games.

How To Use The Game Pieces

Make A Clock Out Of Dominos

diy dominos clock

SOURCE: Sadie Seasongoods

All you need is a clock kit and some dominoes to make a fun wall clock. This would be perfect in a game room but would also be a fun accent in any room of the house.

Create Fun Napkin Rings With Scrabble Tiles

DIY Scrabble piece napkin rings


Make decorative napkin rings by embellishing plain rings with Scrabble tiles. You could also use this as a way to personalize a table setting. Just use a letter tile as a monogram for where the person will be seated. This way the napkin ring also acts as a place card.

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