Crafts From Recycled Game Pieces

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How many times have you opened up a board game to play only to find that half of the games pieces are missing?  It may seem like the game is now useless but before you throw it in the trash, consider some of these fun recycled crafts that you can try.

It’s popular to use letter tiles from games like Scrabble in craft projects.  I have even used letter tiles from a more vintage game in this winter craft.  However, there are some other ideas out there that you may have never considered.

I had fun putting together this playful collection of craft tutorials that I think you are going to enjoy.  The first craft idea is so transformed that you can’t even tell that it was once a game piece.

See what I mean!  Can you even guess what game piece these used to be?  You may be able to tell just from the shape… These beautiful magnets look like they were hand painted but they were made much more easily with stamps and ink.  The whole craft tutorial can be found at Split Coast Stampers.  Okay…in case you haven’t guessed yet, these recycled game pieces are dominoes!

I love this cute charm bracelet using a variety of different board game pieces.  It looks like you need a small drill and some jewelry attachments to put together this fun look.  This idea comes from Charm Chatter along with some references on information for making one of these.

Here is a fun idea for gift wrapping from Country Living.  The creative possibilites are endless for using old game pieces as part of your packaging.  I like the plain kraft paper wrap to really showcase the embellishments.

You can also makes lots of different drink coaster out of game pieces that would be fun for your game room.  This coaster, made from Scrabble pieces, is a craft idea from Free Kids Crafts.  In Green Craft Magazine, I have also seen coasters made from Monopoly real estate cards, like boardwalk and park place, that have been decoupaged to small ceramic tiles.  That is also a great way to recycle any leftover tiles from a home project.

And, finally these game piece picture frames and coasters by HGTV are a great decorative accent.  You could even spell out the names of your family or a fun saying somewhere in the Scrabble tile picture frame.

So now that you have these ideas, you can go through all of your board games and see which ones may be missing some of the pieces that you can use for crafts.

Happy Crafting!

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